9 Joe Murphy Facts – Trenton, New Jersey Hostage Situation

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    The alleged armed gunman in the active hostage situation taking place in Trenton, New Jersey has been identified as Joe Murphy. The FBI is trying to get him to surrender — but nearly a full day later, he’s not budging.

    Here are 9 facts were know about Joe Murphy:

    1. The 38-year-old is unemployed
    He most recently worked as a security guard. However, according to reports, he was to begin a new job next week.

    2. He has spent time in jail
    He reportedly spent about a decade in jail for a sex-related crime.

    3. His girlfriend, Carmen Kelly, is dead
    She was only 42 years old. Some reports indicate he may have killed her a few days ago.

    4. One of his girlfriend’s sons is also dead
    No name has been giving yet but he allegedly killed her 13-year-old son

    5. There are three more kids in the home
    The kids are identified as two teenage girls and a 4-year-old boy.

    6. A 19-year-old son wasn’t in the home
    A fifth child, who has autism, wasn’t at the home when the hostage situation began.

    7. Joe Murphy met Carmen Kelly three months ago
    They began living together a month or two ago.

    8. She kicked him out recently
    After he got kicked out, he was living in his car.

    9. Joe Murphy’s nickname is Skip

    Let’s hope this hostage situation in Trenton, New Jersey can end without anyone else getting hurt.


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