Isaiah Fowler, 12, Arrested for Death of Leila Fowler, 8

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The Leila Fowler death sparked a massive manhunt and a number of unanswerable questions. The result of the investigation is shocking. Isaiah Fowler, the 12-year-old brother who supposedly found his dead 8-year-old sister and then alerted authorities, has been arrested and charged in the murder.

Initially, the brother described a muscular 6-foot man who was either white or Hispanic as the man who did it. But after that lead was fully investigated, apparently police came full circle back to the brother.

Obviously, this is more devastating news for the Fowler family. They’ve basically lost two children because of this. Let us send positive vibes their way. Hopefully the police will quickly figure out whether Isaiah Fowler is indeed the perpetrator and not a victim.

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  • illuminatiorden

    Rest in Peace Liela

  • Tara Rinebold

    Shocking 911 call from Leila’s step mom ! Sorry but she sounds way to calm and claiming Leila is freaking out?!? More to this murder bet ya!

    • Just a person

      The step mother probably did not know that Leila had been hurt. The son probably just told her that someone had been in the house and she assumed Leila was probably freaking out. I think if she had known that Leila had been hurt she would of said she needed an ambulance and an officer.

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