Remee Lee Tricked Into Taking Abortion Pills by Ex-Boyfriend

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You have to feel bad for Remee Lee, a Tampa, Florida woman who was tricked by her now ex-boyfriend into taking abortion pills. John Welden gave her a fake bottle of antibiotics that turned out to be Cytotec, the drug that causes an instant abortion. As expected, she lost their baby shortly after popping the pill.

Check out the 9 Remee Lee photos below to see the lady who thought she was going to end up marrying John Welden — before he allegedly committed this terrible crime.

The ex-boyfriend is facing murder charges. And, honestly, I have no problem with that. If he didn’t want the kid, he should have done what the rest of us have to do: scream, beg and bribe — or move out of the country.

Making the alleged crime even worse is that fact his dad is an obstetrician — so he knew exactly what he was doing. He forged signatures, switched bottles and thought he was a hot ish … until the alleged plot blew up in his face..

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  • Dan

    If he didn’t want kids he should’ve used a damn condom.

  • Jane Doe

    Dude, research before you post. Cyotec is not a drug that is used to cause an “instant abortion.” It’s used to induce labor, prevents NSAID induced gastic ulcers, and treat missed miscarriages. It is A drug that can be used as an abortifacient.

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