Was The Rock on Steroids for Pain and Gain?

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When I first saw the previews for Pain and Gain, I thought for sure The Rock was on steroids but then I read his denial of PED use and watched a few interviews and now I’m inclined to believe The Rock wasn’t taking any performance enhancers.

the rock on steroids

Granted, The Rock looks huge in this upcoming guy movie but that doesn’t mean he’s taking steroids. The key here is that he’s lean to go along with a big frame. The leanness is what gives him that chiseled look with veins popping out and running down his biceps.

If you want a snapshot of the Rock’s workout for Pain and Gain, look no further than massive lean protein and heavy weight with low reps.

Now was Dwayne Johnson taking any other nutritional supplements like creatine or any other muscle builders? Yeah, I’m thinking so but as far as anabolic steroids, I’m going to go ahead and believe The Rock. I always like to give guys the benefit of the doubt and it’s clear the Rock does put a ton of effort into his nutrition and workout regimen.

Just as a side note, Mark Wahlberg has said he was clean as well.

So what do you think, were the stars of Pain and Gain clean or were they juicing? Keep in mind, we’re just asking about 2013. We won’t dig deeper into past supplement history.


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  • Corey

    Wahlberg juiced for sure. Look at his face during the basketball scene. The guy is seriously jacked up.

    • gymrat

      if Wahlberg juiced, he should b ashamed, hes n great shape but not roid shape

  • Mellon

    Nobody gets as big as The Rock without pharmaceutical help. Mark Wahlberg was a skinny ass before this movie and probably packed on 30lbs for the role. Oh yeah they both juiced. Of course they both have to deny it thru their teeth because it’s not legal in the US

  • skunk

    you have clearly never been in a gym otherwise you would know without a doubt that such a look is impossible without roids

    • Douglas Kostel Jr.

      You’re clearly an idiot. He only gained 12-15 lbs and he did it over a 10 month period.

    • true.com

      Dumbass, i admitted using roids in his early wrestling career to look more big and scary faster, the whole cast (body builder’s) tested negative for roids in the movie.

    • true.com


    • Yves

      Actually before he was in wrestling while he was in football, he was bigger just like he is now only no pumping veins or muscles.

  • gymrat

    The Rock has “roids’ comin out his nose, ears ,eyes u name it,,ive took them and got big but he takes a stack of 3 or more different kinds,and has for 10 years or longer. no question in my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Millertime

    There is no question that The Rock and Mark Wahlberg were taking AAS (anabolic-androgenic steroids). There is also a very good possibility that both of them were also take HGH (Human Growth Hormone). My guess is that The Rock was taking both types of PEDs. Wahlberg looks like he was just taking AAS since he is just puffed up and swollen without much definition. Also, Wahlberg doesn’t lift weights that much anymore especially compared to The Rock. The Rock is a workout machine. Add AAS & HGH to the intense workouts that he does on a regular basis year round and it’s like adding fuel to an already very large fire.

    • stuffsticks

      IF he was on HGH there would be a noticeable difference in his face.. there isn’t..

    • Michele R

      Mixing AAS and HGH isn’t a smart move. They literally counter each other out. Watch Bios3training on YouTube if you don’t believe me

    • Getaclue

      No, body builders and athletes mix HGH and steroids, it works much better that way (if you think it doesn’t you better call all the pro bodybuilders and let them know they’re doing it wrong. And people yes, def using peds. Look up Steve reeves, that’s the largest a guy will be able to get naturally (yes you will be shocked at how small he is and realise everyone big is on roids).

  • Chronic happiness

    I’m afraid this is the effects of steroid abuse and Rocky isn’t the only one this kind of abuse is rampant throughout sports everywhere some of these guys of course will drink protein shakes and eat protein bars when caught out by cameras then ditch them after btw look at WWE stars and convince yourself they are legit

    • Rogohmy81

      steroid use. not abuse. this guy clearly knows how to use them in proper dosage. are you the kind of person who thinks everyone who has a cocktail at a party is an alcoholic?

  • Fred

    The Rock is on steroids constantly, pro bodybuilders and most if not all those pro wrestlers are on them and never cycle off, this is how they maintain their size, strength and that look. Rock needs to tone down his look for movies, he’s still trying to get bigger I think, he looked the best and his best movie so far was the one with Sean William Scott I think, one of his best movies so far, if not the best.

    • Yves

      If you ever seen The Scorpion King or images of it, you can’t say he didn’t have a good body look because he looked just like in The Rundown and all the years he left WWE since 2004 and moved to movie career, he looked the same until Fast Five or Driver but you can’t say he got bigger because of the AAS or HGH.
      He’s Samoan and Black and that is how he is bigger and even when he was in football, he looked bigger than he was in WWF/E and when was he’s debut he looked fatter and that cannot be from steroids.

    • Fred

      Yeah I can say he got bigger because steroids because it’s a fact, don’t be naive. I personally have nothing against them doing it I’m just saying he doesn’t need to be super massive for every role. Him being Samoan and/or Black just means his genetics which they play a role too but it’s mainly from steroids and growth hormone and of course he works his ass off in the gym on top of it I’m sure, he could be black and Samoan with shitty genetics race doesn’t matter as much as genetics. No ne gets bigger naturally as they age, at least not tp this extent, our bodies and chemistry don’t work that way, we lose testosterone as we age. He could have looked fatter at certain points too because some steroids cause you to bloat and have a gut.

  • Smh

    It’s called being Samoan and black

    • Tina Marie Todd


    • Rogohmy81

      Morgan Freeman should be jacked then…

  • Tina Marie Todd

    Dwayne Johnson is half black and half Samoan. Both ethnic groups well known for being tall and built. His muscles are all natural people. Get over your jealousy.

    • John Smith

      Wow, do you even workout or have any experience with a gym and people physiques. Yes, he’s black and Samoan, good, muscular genetics, but neither of them nor the combination would through sheer genetics give him this look, especially at his age

    • Rogohmy81

      Get a clue Tina..i’ll give you a pass as it looks like you are a blonde.

    • Yves

      Agree, I may be jealous because of the height but talking about steroids I just can’t believe it’s true and it can’t be true.

  • Kevin Dylan

    The Rock never shouldve returned to the WWE. He got injured, all the WWE losers were backstabbing him from jealousy even those he was helping make the business they live off of more profit.
    And then he opens himself up to crap from this nobody who will be a cashier or a janitor at best in a few years.
    WWE is a make believe sport for make believe men.

    • Jake

      People who think he is natural are plain stupid, look at the rock before he started wrestling, genetics are great yes but nowhere near this good haha it really is laughable that you think hes natural, plus hes admitted to it before, the body cant physically hold that much muscle at his age and at his body fat percentage with diminishing testosterone levels, if he is this bog at this age, then shouldnt he have been twice as big when he was doing college football when anyones levels are twice as high as his age now. People have got to realise that that size only comes more naturally with more body fat, the body isnt naturally able to hold that much muscle with that little fat, look at pictures from when hes younger and see for yourself. He obviously still worked out then, and anyone who is natural will tell you their prime is in the younger days when natural test is highest, people who think he is natural have been fooled sorry :) but to the educated bunch your making yourselves look idiotic, what you domt know about dont try and talk about ok?

    • anonymous

      From your write up I can see you are an amateur why it comes to body building ..The rock size is very achievable , I dislike when people because of there constrain feels something is unattainable …You dont need large body fat for muscle building , all you need is much protein in your system because the mechanism is tear and repair …

    • Rogohmy81

      yah sure….eating egg whites and lifting dumbells will get you looking like that at 40….anonymous idiot.

  • Dontbejealous

    Back off all of you who are a bunch of ethno-ignorant who need to learn more about
    Polynesians. Do you think The Rock is big? Have you ever been to Samoa, Tonga,
    New Zealand, Tahiti and Hawaii? I got cousins and uncles there who’ll make The
    Rock look like a little girl. Are you going to tell me that these hulks whose
    everyday jobs are to fish, hunt and take care of their land are on juices? They
    don’t even have electricity or running water; to think they can afford steroids
    is ridiculous. True occasionally they need to clear out their fields of 200lb-rocks
    and stumps using only their bare hands, so yes they do get some kind of
    workout. But to say that a guy who’s large and cut can only be so by juicing up
    is an insult to all Polynesians. If it were true that we Polynesians are all juiced
    up then all Blacks must have the best penile surgeons in the world and Caucasians
    must have the worst shampoos since most Caucasians men of a certain age are
    bold or about to become and this without the benefits of anabolic steroids.

    • Jack

      Aww look at you using a big word like “ethno-ignorant. ” no, you’re the ignorant one making a stereotype that that’s what Samoan people do all the time and that they’re all poor etc. the argument here, by the way, isn’t just how big he is. Yes, Samoans are a big people, but their size is accompanied by a high body fat percentage. What the problem here is, that he’s that big with that low of body fat. That combination can only be accomplished with some sort of pharmaceutical help

    • stuffsticks

      He is only half Samoan.. and with a near 2m size and 20 years of exercising and proper nutrition what do you expect him to look like?

  • John Smith

    Yeah, he definitely was on some pharmaceutical help for this movie. It’s now the size he has, it’s the size combined with the very low body fat, and the dense muscular look with insane vascularity. His physique would have the best juicing pro bodybuilders jealous. I workout all the time, I work in a gym, I practically live in a gym, and when you see those who are on vs those who aren’t, you learn to tell. Yes, he’s black and Samoan, so yes, he’ll have good genetics, but no genetics are that good. The thing is,contrary to what many of you inexperienced people think, many steroids are completely legal. There are things called prohormones and designer steroids which are loopholes to the system, and they’re just easy little pills to pop everyday which you can find at many supplement shops on your street corner. Also, at his age, his testosterone levels will be starting to diminish, so, with lower T than many pro bodybuilders, and to have that size and low body fat isn’t believable, and more than likely, he can get a prescription from his doctor for steroids (yes, doctors prescribe steroids, hgh, so on for older men, it’s quite common). Was he juicing? Yes. Is that a bad thing? No, he did what needed to be done for the movie, for some ridiculous reason, America doesn’t like to hear the words steroids, even though they enjoy seeing the results. He has my full respect whether or not he used them, it doesn’t matter

  • Adam

    What a bunch of retards all you that think just coz someone’s big it means they must’ve done steroids, I’m not even arguing the fact that the rock has done them I’m just sayin that such a look is achievable if you put the time and effort into your training and eating like he does so all of you that disagree go stick your heads back up your fucking asses twats

    • anonymous

      no. it’s not. this look is not possible to achieve without steroids. stop being silly. yes i lift weights. no i’m not a twat. yes you are absolutely wrong and completely ignorant about fitness.

    • stuffsticks

      so are you it seems..

    • Mike_cz

      Yeah everyone tell me that Ronie Coleman and Arnie were on steroids too!!! Bunch of brainless ppl here!

    • Rogohmy81

      Nicely framed argument Adam. I especially liked the part where you told all naysayers to stick their heads up their asses twats. you command the english language with the force and grace of a young ernest hemingway….err make that ernest worrel from ernest goes to camp…..idiot.

  • Steve

    All the guys here are sooo damn stupid! Me and all my mates are regular gym goers with similar figures. None of us take roids, but work out for hours on end with a massive intake of proteins and huge meals to go with it!
    And the rock and mark both has so much money and time to put the effort and nutrition in to get these gains!
    All of you guys saying they took roids…take your little panties off. You’re all jealous because you aren’t strong enough AND your genetics don’t allow you to have a high testosterone in your system!

    • stuffsticks

      Seems the Adonis complex has hit all these jealous people. if they spend as much time exercising as they do complaining they could also achieve results like him

    • Rogohmy81

      i’m calling b.s. stevie. you probably weigh 400 lbs and are out of breath typing this from your parents basement.

  • Snoop

    You guys are aware he has at least 15-20 years of bodybuilding behind him, right?
    But I can’t lie, it does look like he’s about to tear through his skin..

  • anonymous

    is this a joke? yeah he said he’s not so he must not be lying ok…

    p.s. that physique is utterly impossible without steroids from someone who’s been lifting weights naturally for years

  • stuffsticks

    Dude comes from burly Samoan stock.. look at his Dad’s pics, and he’s been exercising since the 90′s.. If he was on roids he would look like Cutler or Coleman.

    He is a genetically gifted monster.

  • Matt

    Just look at the Rock when he had hair (The Scorpion King era) and you will realize he was on more than one or two steroid stacks for Pain and Gain!

  • shadyman2021

    You would be a fool to believe he is not using PEDs. I means multiple. I am currently running a stack of 2 AAS compounds and am still not as big as the rock. Mind you I have only been on for 2 years. He has been using for 10+ years easily. It is sad that he still has to deny his use. It is making ignorant kids believe it is possible, then when they fail they turn to gear without knowing any of the health risks for kids. Shame on the rock.

  • drez

    douglas you are the idiot lol. are you really that naive? do you see all the baseball player half his size taking testosterone and workout hard all year long. people are so stupid and blind to peds

  • Jason

    Look at pictures of him when he was a kid , he’s always been muscular. I don’t think he took steroids and he probably did a few sets straight before shooting or dehydrated and rehydrated which is why he looks so big and his veins are popping out and shit


  • Michele R

    Wow, just a quick question to whoever wrote this article; DO YOU EVEN LIFT? Obviously not if you think the rocks body is attainable through heavy weights for low reps. No shit he hasn’t admitted to the use of ILLEGAL substances, wait so shall we believe Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath (all of whom have won Mr.O several times for those of you who don’t know) who claim to be natural as well just because they said it? Don’t get me wrong, 99.9% of us wouldn’t get close to the rocks body with all the gear in this world, so respect to him for that, but don’t chat shit otherwise you’ll make kids believe that getting this big naturally is possible when it obviously isn’t. Open your your 3rd eye people. Peace

  • yerp

    no roids lmfao, probably supplements you find at gnc but no roids.
    if you look at his diet, this guy legit eats TONS of fucking protein and carbs in a day.
    what people dont know is that dieting plays most of the part in getting results like dwayne.

  • Lady

    It actually looks more like he focused way too much on his shoulders and arms while not so much on his abs and lower body which would give the illusion of steroid use. But there will always be haters, who really cares…

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