Kristin Sottosanti’s Face Slashed by Masked Husband

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We usually side with husbands but this time it’s just not possible. Allegedly, Kristin Sottosanti of Florida had her faced slashed by her jealous husband after he staged a home invasion. During the alleged assault, the husband wore a mask to conceal his identity. Police say he eventually confessed to the crime and blamed it on a suspicion that she was cheating on him.

Check out the 7 Kristin Sottosanti pictures below to see this sizzling women who apparently got attacked by her masked husband.

If you think your wife is cheating on you, there are many roads to travel. Doing what this man did is not one such road. Especially if you’re going to end up confessing anyways. He’s now being held in Florida jail without bail.

Let’s hope this lady drops this loser.

Here are the 7 pics we promised. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see all seven.

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