How Not to Look Like a Creep or Stalker in Online Dating

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I’ve been on a lot of online dates and one of my favorite topics of conversation is asking girls about their experiences in internet dating. It’s not only a window into the girl’s mindset but it’s excellent market research on what women like and don’t like. In this article, I’ve included some of the biggest no-no’s according to women.

Top 5 Don’ts for Guys in Online Dating

  1. Don’t put her in a position of trust right away. Guys mess up big time when they try to get a girl to ride with them or come up to their apartment/home too soon. Even if things are going well, this is a major turn off for women. They have to look out for their safety.
  2. Don’t put her phone on blast. (I hate that term but that’s what I keep hearing.) Again, play it cool and take it easy on the texts and phone calls. If you’re calling her or texting her non-stop, it’s a major turn off. One girl even showed me how she labeled one guy on her phone as “Creep — Don’t Answer.”
  3. Don’t try to keep track of her. Women absolutely hate when guys give that controlling vibe and want to know what they’re doing every second of every day. You have to play it cool. If she’s dating other guys, you either got to roll with it or drop her if you can’t handle the game.
  4. Don’t try to get too serious too fast. Guys, slow the F down. If you’re in love, bite your damn tongue because if you move to swiftly, she’s probably going to freak out even if she likes you.
  5. Don’t try to get sexual faster than her. Women range on sex from first date to waiting until marriage. If you put in enough talk ahead of time and gauge her actions, you can get a great idea where you stand. Even so, always let her lead with the signs. If you try to move too fast, it can be a deal killer. Girls don’t always tell me this one explicitly but, reading between the lines, it’s pretty obvious.

The overriding theme here is to play it cool. If you find a great girl and things are going swimmingly, let them go great and don’t force the issue. Tomorrow will come and so will the next day. If you don’t put the appropriate time in a relationship, it will fall apart because the foundation is unsound.

Take it easy and she’ll like you even more for it.

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