Eva Longoria Underwear Missing at Cannes Film Festival?

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Even though she’s closing in on 40, Eva Longoria still looks as good as ever. And that quality holds true for all parts of her body. Thanks to a wardrobe malfunction, we saw her southern region at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival — and it looks to be in pristine condition. Check out the 9 photos of the uncensored variety below.

Personally, I think it may be an optical illusion. That could just be see-thru underwear and not a clean shot at her goods. I doubt she’d go with no panties in the rain — that doesn’t make much logical sense.

Then again, perhaps Eva Longoria planned it out. She hasn’t been getting as much work lately so this would be a good way to throw her name back in the headlines. If this is the case, I like where her career is heading.

Here are the 9 pics with the goods. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see all nine:

Eva Longoria Underwear?

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  • jerry


  • Brooklyn Allstar

    I’d hit it all night

    • nebicnezzr

      and the next morning too.

    • Brian P

      You’re to ugly to hit it.

  • Dr Herbert J teaBagger

    Trim and triffic!

  • rudeboi

    HEY EVA!!! it worked.

  • http://twitter.com/DonashBar Peter molloy

    #desperate actress

  • OriginalDirty Ape

    Why does anyone care WHY we get to see the goods? I just thank the lord in the heavens above earth that I got to see them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/werewolf269 Gene Kopp

    Just beautiful.

  • LVMikey

    Is that a tampon string?

    • Bigdudeintexas

      No it is a tea bag

  • http://twitter.com/cameronspeaks cameron smart

    Bald with a string? . Thats just TMI really. What wrong with a nude g string to cover her lady bits?

  • Bandito

    that “string” is actually a cord to her toy she usually has inserted in herself. She has admitted this numerous times that she loves the mini orgasms she has while out at a function and she is addicted. Parker of the Spurs at first thought it was cute courtside but later became jealous. Wish this picture was alot better though, like a Spears type shot would have been great!

  • disqus_SAOA2DpPn8

    When in Rome

  • http://twitter.com/jazmine_yancey jazmine yancey

    here kitty kitty

    • Brian P

      In your dreams dumb lezbo she’s straight.

  • BunchCroook

    Sorry for the poor girl. Get some life !

  • mike hock

    I’d love to bend her over and motorboat her pink whisker-biscuit and tongue punch the holyfuck outta her fartbox.

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