Is Darren Rovell Dating Nora Tobin?

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    If you follow women’s beach volleyball, you know Nora Tobin. She’s arguably the best looking volleyball player on the planet — so she’s impossible to overlook. In addition to sports, she’s also a model and a product endorser who works with a number of top brands.

    Check out the 9 Nora Tobin photos below to get a look at this sizzling chick.

    She’s in the news today after Darren Rovell, the sports business reporter for ESPN, apparently got caught in a lie. Deadspin did the digging and the result is actually quite funny.

    -In 2009 Rovell blogs about how he’s surprised there is a new ad appearing on his blog featuring a “ripped” chick. However, he says he has no idea of her identity.

    -Later in 2009, he conducts an interview with the lady who he had “never heard of” previously.

    -Yesterday, Rovell says he’s proud of her on Twitter.

    -A follower asked if he is dating her. He also punctuated the comment with a #dirtbag hashtag.

    -Rovell angrily responds by basically stating he’s not a dirtbag because he’s known her for a decade.

    Whoops. Unfortunately for him, the internet is forever. But, hey, we can’t hate him for befriending Nora Tobin even if he may have accidentally outed himself as a fibber. Play on, player.

    Here are the 9 images we promised. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see all nine.

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