Chick of the Day: Leila Knight

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A cool ex-girlfriend is always a plus to have in your life. Leila Knight apparently fits that definition. After Jose Canseco got popped with a rape charge, this chick — his ex who he dated for four years — came to his defense to say the former Major League Baseball slugger is innocent.

Check out the 9 Leila Knight pics below to see this fine lady with her goods hanging out.

She’s saying that the woman who accused Canseco is just looking for fame. She also said her ex-boyfriend is way too gentle to do what he’s accused of doing.

Going to bat — no pun intended — for an ex is a huge plus in our book. And it earns her today’s EJ CotD award.

Here are the 9 images we promised. Be sure to click the right arrow in order to see all nine!

Leila Knight











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  • BenJaminHzy

    Coolest prostitute in all the whore house this bag is uhh classy Canseco can pick dem

    • DetroitPkyA

      Man with wig falls into ocean gets tangled in fishing net. Claims to be csnsecos ex and she read mind of Jose new hoe. Tonight at 11.

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