Did Amy Duncan Cheat on San Antonio Spurs Superstar?

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Earlier today, we learned Amy Duncan filed for divorce from San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan. As the details of their failed relationship start to trickle into the public’s eye, the rumors are juicy. First, we have a developing report from Buck Harvey, a veteran writer for the San Antonio Express-News. According to Harvey, Tim first suspected something was up last fall and hired a private detective to track Amy. And though the divorce papers were filed by her back in March, she ended up moving out of the family home approximately 20 days ago.


(Click here for pictures of the couple in happier times.)

It doesn’t take a brilliant mind to read through the lines to see the insinuation that Amy Duncan cheated on her husband. I searched further on the internet and there are additional rumors that she had an affair with a fitness trainer. In fact, there are online allegations that she opened a new gym in San Antonio and hired the guy she was having affair with to run it!

Obviously, we can’t confirm or debunk any of these rumors. But it’s starting to look like Amy Duncan’s cheating is what caused the end of her marriage to Tim Duncan.

Update: According to sources close to the situation, she has allegedly been cheating with her trainer for over two years. It’s expected that the Spurs star will file for primary custody of his two children.

We’ll keep you updated as we hear more. As it stands, if this all ends up being the truth, let’s hope the Big Fundamental gets full custody of his kids and the ex-wife is kicked to the curb for good.

amy duncan cheated

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  • SA person

    Besides the gym opening I know this to be 100% true

  • http://www.facebook.com/scafandra.leipsig Scafandra Leipsig

    why do professional athletes marry while they are still competing….you cannot give your wife the attention she needs. WOMEN NEED ATTENTION!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000656811809 Darryl Crouch

      An athlete has more time for his family than a police officer or a doctor. While they are away, an athlete of Mr. Duncan’s caliber can provide for the family like most professions can’t. Some people don’t know what they have until they lose it.

    • Dongcopter Pilot

      I believe the technical term is “cheating whore.”

    • Roni


    • Roni

      Except these golddiggers lose nothing. Even with a pre-nup in effect they walk away with FAR more than they began the relationship with.
      In america this has become a cottage industry.
      I just wanna know,, are there any WNBA “top pay scale” ladies that wanna get married ? Or maybe a tennis “star” ?? And before you all jump on me.. this is the age of “equal rights”,, No ??? LOL,,,

    • Scott_TG

      Many of the WNBA top pay scale ladies bat for the other team.

    • GeneralOrder5

      You gotta be kidding yourself. Sorry. I play professional golf and have just not gotten time to be at home and look at the computer. Sah!

    • socal83


    • Comment

      I would not need attention! I would be flying all over shopping! I would be happy with sex once or twice a week…whatever he wanted as long as I could shop for shoes and clothes!!! He just married a slut! Most of the women you see over and over again at these professional games ALONE are PRO WHORES!!!
      So unless you have a damn good attorney and pre-nup, you are a fool. You know what they say about a fool and his money!!!

    • SaviorHide

      If you want it, hear it is, come and get it??

    • Jazzsamba

      The real problem is women are getting too much attention! Nothing wrong with getting married as an pro athlete. Family settles them down and gives them more perspective. On the other hand if you’re single, talented, rich, healthy and date many women that’s fine too. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your sport.

  • pc

    I’ve seen amy out in public with the guy she works with at the gym and they are more then just friends…

    • deeniman

      I’ve seen her in public as well; let’s just say she is ‘fugly’.

    • SaviorHide

      I’ve seen her without makeup and she looks just like Tim.

  • jack

    If Tim would have cheated on her, you reactions wouldn’t be half as aggressive.

  • realcollegekid

    And the reasons to avoid marriage with these slores continue to mount. Pump-and-dump folks, pump-and-dump.

    • HomerGreenz

      “realcollegekid” and 15 others (and counting) hate women because no woman would dare go within 10 feet of them. lol @ pathetic losers

    • tonymost

      awww, you mad bro? lol

      fact is he’s right, if you have money and you get married, youre an absolute idiot. pump and dump are wise words for anyone with money.

    • guest

      blake griffin, is that you? lol


    i am the guy amy cheated with and she told me he was too quiet in the bedroom

    • SA ALlday

      Coming frm the dude with a lets go memphis name lmao! Bring out tht dustpan its time fo a sweep!! ;)

  • deeniman

    If you think he’s boring on the court, you should see him in the bedroom. ZZZZZZZ

    - Amy Duncan

  • Derek Allen

    Wait a minute! The article is inferring that she should not be able to see the kids because she cheated??? Thats not RIGHT!!!! It’s not right when this is tried on a man….and it’s not right in this case either. She is the kids mother – regardless of what she might have done.(I’m a guy)

    • Tar Canes

      article says “primary custody.” That doesn’t sound like no custody.

    • Silas

      Yeah that wasn’t mentioned any where in the article he is just going for primary custody – there is hardly a state in this country that would outright deny visitation unless the mother was a threat to herself or others…you win a gold star for stupid

  • SaviorHide

    He must not have been fundamentally sound in the bedroom.

  • JerMcHoward

    If I’m not mistaken, her and Tim have been together since they were both Wake Forest students.

  • Dan

    She cheated, kick her to the curb, take the kids and the rings, dont give her a d@mned thing…..

  • Dna

    Wow would hate to be that trainer right about now…..

  • RalphEllison

    He knew he was going to be paid when he was in college. Although Tim got duped here, it’s understandable to want someone who knew you “when,” before the fame and riches. However, if you know you are going to be paid, take the high school or college sweetheart who LOOKS GOOD. I’ve told my own son the same damn thing.

    Tim’s failure was pursuing and marry a fugly broad, knowing he would be paid.

  • bigpimpin

    I am glad she took him for a ride! Timmy got schooled! White girls don’t like brothas unless they got cash, so he should have known she was a ho. Young, white bitches love money not brothas. Cash makes the coochi go woo woo.

  • sunshine595

    black men will literally kill for a white woman, unfortunately there’s a 90% divorce rate or at least PAYOFF rate. unfortunately this is a sad reality of slavery, but still i have absolutely NO sympathy for black men and their overwhelming IGNORANCE…

  • Once you go black you never go

    White women take advantage of black men’s insecurities. And black me that date white women have low self esteem and ignorant because they give into the negative stereo types about strong black men. Tim Duncan is a weak man that did not think he could handle a strong black women. And he missed out on the number one characteristic of every black women: Loyalty. He deserved what he got. She was a disloyal gold digger that preyed on the number one basketball player in college. In college, you clearly know who’s going to the NBA. I’m sure his Island mom warned him, but, he didn’t listen. Plus, she is fugly. Get a beautiful strong black women next time.

    • jv

      Are you as ignorant and stupid as you portray yourself. Seriously, do you think that black men that date white women have low-self esteem. Black women are so quick strong say strong black woman. What exactly is the definition of a strong black woman? I know what loud, ignorant, and classless ones are. I see those every day. Do you need a hint? I’m a black man that is well educated with 2 college degrees, own 2 small businesses, army veteran, and more…and I have dated many different races…because I CAN and I WILL. I have a strong WHITE WOMAN as a girlfriend that will wash my ass if I could not wash it myself. Strong not in the sense of being loud, obnoxious, and quick tempered but because she is a nice and caring person that loves and adores me. She has her own money, makes her own money and does not need me. She wants me. I haven’t dated a SENSIBLE black woman in over 20 years. The operative word is sensible. So to sum up just because a black man decides to date out of his supposed race does not make him weak. It means that he chooses to follow his own desires and does not allow himself to be placed in a zone because of the mindset of the so called black community. For whatever reason Tim Duncan and his wife are going through a divorce. It’s their choice. Race has nothing to do with it. Stop the ignorance.

    • iknowitall

      The reason you have not dated a “SENSIBLE” black woman in over 20 years is because you are not a “SENSIBLE” black man. Only an “ignorant and stupid” person would ascribe negative characteristics to a whole sex and race of people. You wrote, “What exactly is the definition of a strong black woman? I know what loud, ignorant, and classless ones are.” How unfortunate for you that you choose not to see the refined, intelligent and classy black women who exist everywhere. As Bob Marley said, “Liberate yourself from mental slavery.”

    • Jazzsamba

      More idiotic comments from the peanut gallery. Anyone who thinks marrying or dating outside your ‘race’ is scandalous or unbecoming is either a bigot or an ignorant person. Each to his own. What is this? Islamic sharia law or Jewish marriage laws that are totally racist in nature? You idiots crack me up with these dumb comments.

    • Redbone

      Just curious….does your mother fall into them same category you classify black women…loud, obnoxious, and quick tempered? That’s like saying all black men have bad credit and kids everywhere. Just saying…try not to perpetuate the stereotypes.

    • iknowitall

      His mother passed away years ago.

    • Sesh

      Or he just didnt want to put up with the bullshit most black women come with. Has nothing to do with a black woman being “strong”. Its thier fucked up perception of what “strong” is that keeps us away. Bottom line.

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