Tim Duncan Divorce: Marriage to Amy Duncan Coming to End

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Marriages these days are a coin flip. Athletes face even longer adds in terms of staying together. However, Amy Duncan getting a divorce from Tim Duncan qualifies as a surprise. This couple was known as being one of the best couples in the NBA — and in the sporting world in general, for that matter. Everything looked splendid between the San Antonio Spurs 37-year-old superstar and his 35-year-old wife. Apparently, though, looks were deceiving.

Check out the 9 Amy Duncan pics below to see the soon to be ex-wife of the future Hall of Famer.

The news was broken by the Express-News in San Antonio. The timing of the revelation is unfortunate because the Spurs are in the middle of a playoff run, especially since the divorce papers were filed back in March.

While I’m sure the two millionaire adults will eventually find happiness, this is sad for their two kids — a son and a daughter. If there’s ever a time to hope for a reconciliation without knowing all the details, this would be it.

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