Amanda Bynes: Chris Brown Beat Rihanna Because She’s Not Pretty Enough

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Sun, May 26 - 3:38 pm EDT | 5 years ago by
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Shots fired! There’s nothing quite as awesome as a great cat fight. Thankfully, there’s one brewing on Twitter. Amanda Bynes is going H.A.M. at Rihanna — and bullets are being fired back.

It started with an Amanda Bynes tweet that straight up said Chris Brown beat Rihanna because the singer is ugly:

rihanna not pretty enough amanda bynes tweet

Amanda Bynes then followed that up with another insult — this time regarding Rihanna and a dog:

amanda bynes rihanna dog

Rihanna shot back with a classic tweet:

amanda bynes rihanna intervention tweet

And Amanda Bynes wasn’t done:

amanda bynes fugly faced rihanna

Wow. Someone get some baby oil, whipped cream and get these two chicks in a ring. Cat fight!

Rihanna Amanda Bynes Picture

I’d pay big bucks to see this!


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