Brown Bear Attacks Blazo Grkovic, Bosnian Man Wins

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In Bosnia, a brown bear attempted to attack a shepherd. However, Blazo Grkovic of Vrba turned out to be more than that animal could chew. The 48-year-old strangled the bear until it fell and he was able to run to safety. Beating up a brown bear with his bare hands? Yeah, this guy is a bad ass.

Check out the 6 Blazo Grkovic images below to see him and the gruesome injuries he suffered.

It appears as if his most serious wound was to his hand — but the animal also injured the man’s head and legs in the ordeal. There’s no word on what happened to the brown bear.

I don’t think I would have survived in a similar situation. And I’m not in a hurry to find out.

Here are the 6 pics we promised. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see all six.

Blazo Grkovic Photos

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  • stdavid

    how do you mean you do not know what happened to the bear..he didn’t need to run..he killed the bear..but he had an ax

  • Nick

    The bear is found dead. This happened in Herzegovina – not in Bosnia. Also the man is apparently Serbian, not a Bosnian. Get some basic facts right before publishing.

    • Bosanska zvijer

      HAHAHAHA Bosnia and Herzegovina is one country you knob
      The guy lives in Bosnia so he is Bosnian ;) he can’t be serbian ohh of course he can bee Bosnian Serb

    • Mika Hackhinnan

      How could he be Bosnian if he is from Bosnia and Herzegovina?
      I guess a half of him is Bosnian and second half is Herzegovinan.
      Whad do you mean Bosnian Serb? Does Italian French exists?

    • Savabahudini

      Herzegovinians are actually Serbs. The name Herzegovina means “duke’s land”, referring to the medieval duchy of Stjepan Vukčić Kosača who took title “Herzeg of Saint Sava”. Herceg is derived from the German title Herzog. And Saint Sava was a Serbian Prince and Orthodox monk, the first Archbishop of the autocephalous Serbian Church, the founder of Serbian law and literature, and a diplomat who gave him rulership over these lands. Stjepan Vukčić was also a Serb with title Herzeg, therefore all todays Bosnia&Herzegovinia was actually only Herzegovinia. When Ottomans (Turks) came on Balkan, many of these Herzegovinians changed their relligion from Orthodox to Muslim. Orthodox Christians looked at it as a betrayal or “faith-sale for a dinner”. It provoked hatred from Herzegovinian a.k.a Serbian Muslims and they wanted that Ottomans gives them rights to seek for revenge b/c of these words over Serbian Orthodox Christians, and how they’re so bullheaded to get rights which provokes only misery and destruction, Ottomans (Turks) called them Bosnians (which meant: bullheaded & stupid in Turkish). Bosnia & Hertzegovinia is a made-up country, in Bosnia lives ethnicaly clean Bosnians of Muslim religion, while in Herzegovinia lives Serbs as majority, Croats and Bosnian (Muslims) as minority. I don’t want to argue, if you don’t believe me, a Muslim who reverse to Orthodox Christianity from Muslim, who knows that my grand,grand father’s name was Ilija (Serbian name) and not Alija (Ottoman’s Turkish name), then check the Turkish dictionary and check Turkish history source. It’s your right and the best will be if we all live in truth as one same family, not divided by mistakes of our ancestors!

    • Bosnian

      Yes! So let’s kill a bunch of people and put them in mass graves shall we! In order to not live divided by mistakes of our ancestors that is ;).. And by the way, the word “Bosnian” comes from the river Bosna which, during the Roman era, was called “Bossina”. This most probably has word connection in Indo-European roots with the word *bos or *bogh, meaning “running water”

  • Perucica

    He is Bosnian Serb from entity Republic of Srpska,.Place Gacko have Serb majority

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