Twitter Mad at Obama for Gay Jason Collins Invite, Discussion

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Mon, May 27 - 1:17 pm EDT | 4 years ago by
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    Twitter is angry at President Obama for devoting time and energy to gay Jason Collins and the entire homosexual climate in America right now.  You can read just a sampling of the angry tweets below.

    I see what the tweets are getting at but if we rank what garners Obama’s attention on a case-by-case basis, the #1 priority or topic of greatest magnitude won’t always be what’s for dinner.  That’s ok.

    Also, while the Jason Collins White House invite may not be important at this very moment, there’s historical significance at play and it could another defining moment in American civil rights.







    In case you didn’t know, Jason Collins is the gay NBA basketball player who came out of the closet in May 2013.  Although he isn’t on an active roster, he’s not yet officially retired so his coming out as gay is seen as a landmark in major American professional sports although I don’t think it counts.  Still the White House invitation stands and it’s major news.

    People, Obama does deserve blame on many occasions but come on, you can’t be on his ass 24X7.  I mean what happens if you drop a bowl of Cheetos, are you going to blame him for it too?



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