13 Worst Tattoos on NBA Players

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The first rule of the inked world is that tattoos need to fit the person. If they don’t, you automatically fail because then you’re trying too hard and the ink is wearing you — instead of the other way around. In this edition of the worst tats on the body of NBA players, I’ve got a mixed bag of bad, stupid and cluttered.

Players featured include Carmelo Anthony, Monta Ellis, Chris Bosh, Kenyon Martin, JR Smith, Mo Williams, Kevin Durant, Mike Miller, Kobe Bryant, Robert Sacre, Jameer Nelson and Deron Williams

There are a lot of players in the NBA with terrible tattoos so I couldn’t have possibly got them all. If you know of a baller with bad ink who deserves to make the 2013 list, leave a comment below.

Here is the list — hit the right arrow to see the entire gallery!

Chris Andersen's tattoos are beyond ridiculous. Birdman is inked to the sky and he's running out of real estate.


Faces are always a tough sell in tattooland and Robert Sacre, just so you know, no one's buying.


Chris Bosh is a softie. No need for extensive tattooing here.


Nothing worse than a huge ass panther stamp on a fat, chubby bicep. Need to lose the baby fat D-Will.


Kenyon Martin's red lips on the neck tattoo is an infamous fail.


Kevin Durant doesn't have the body for a torso full of ink. And this isn't even talking about his recent misspelled bible passage on his back.


JR Smith is near the point of human tattoo. He's a jumbled mess of ink - can you even see the tats anymore or is it all a blur?


Carmelo Anthony's WB tattoo is legendary for being stupid (and free advertising) but he's also overly inked.


Kobe Bryant's tattoo is a direct result of cheating on his wife. Always a bad sign. Plus it looks horrific.


I don't know what the hell Mike Miller is trying to accomplish but he always ends up looking weird. Here's a good view at some of his fruity tattoos.


Amateur tattoo with a huge dose of trying too hard. The tattoo's wearing Jameer Nelson and doesn't fit his personality at all.


Anytime you get a calf tattoo, you know you screwed up somewhere in your life. Damn, Mo Williams, what happened?


Monta Ellis, what the hell are you doing? What the hell are you doing? Worst tattoo of the group.


(source: imgur.com)

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  • Regina

    I can’t believe I took the time to look through all of those pictures. If you’re going to make an article on something, back it up with actual information that makes sense. The things you said about these tattoos, and the way you said them, is the same as me saying “I did not enjoy your article because you have no idea what you’re talking about”. What kind of point does that make? At all?

  • Joel Wexler

    Amusing stuff. Too much money, too much free time. And a lot of bad “artists” out there.preying on attention seeking dunces.

  • Mistress Jezebel

    sad when jocks try to be the underground. one work Poseur.what the rich do, but yet there is no real tapestry.art, etc.

  • Swag King Cole

    Joke tattoos

  • Meggles

    Is that a Walgreens logo?!?

  • Ooh.Killem

    None of those were that bad. This is a bad tattoo…

  • James

    Im a bit confused Birdmans tattoos fit his personality perfectly and all are very well done. It would seem that whoever created this list should know a thing or two about body modification.

  • thissitesucks

    Whoever wrote this obviously isn’t a tattoo fan. Jack Maclin, stick to writing articles that are more relevant to your interests. You are a biased douche.

  • Maniac

    Nothing wrong with, most of these, only tats i think are bad are… Monta Ellis, & Chris Bosh.

  • NaeNae_Julyy

    I don’t think Chris “Bird-Man” Anderson tattoos look bad they make him look sexy as anything



  • Josh Witherspoon

    I swear I’m starting not to like the writers for this site..A lot of these tats are art..Birdmans btw is a perfect depiction of who he is..

  • GuestSpeaker

    I think these are awesome tattoos. What’s your beef with ink?

    • omgwtfbbq

      because some of them look like shit

  • disqus_stcd1guzy3

    Oh please, art my butt. you all support tats cause its the latest fad and all you lemmings want to fit in the with “in crowd”

    • vice86

      we get it…you don’t like tats.

  • guest

    You obviously don’t know anything about tats not all bad birdmans are the best. Its freedom of expression show who you are not cnform to society is what tats are about. Just cuz you scared to stand out don’t hate on those that do.


    You would think that with all the money these dudes make, they would hire the best tattoo artists available. Bad art is bad art. I don’t give a damn whose body it’s on. Kobe Bryant’s tattoo looks as though he just got of a prison cell. Terrible! Whoever has the gall to defend bad ink as “art” needs to have what’s left of their head examined!

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