Jennifer Lopez Causes Scandal on Britain’s Got Talent

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Yesterday, Jennifer Lopez was on Britain’s Got Talent and was performing her latest hit song. The ageless wonder was able to cause a scandal that spread like wildfire across Twitter and other social platforms. How did she do it? She did a dance routine that centered around her crotch.

Look below for 8 photos of Jennifer Lopez in action. As a bonus, a few GIFs are included!

Personally, I didn’t love it. Sure, it looked nice — to an extent. But J-Lo has more assets and doesn’t need to resort to gyrating and grabbing her babyshooter to get people’s attention.

Those Brits were calling government offices to complain, which was probably her goal from the beginning. You don’t practice that crotch dance without knowing it’ll cause a scene.

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Here are the eight images. Be sure to hit “Next” to see them all!

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