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For those among us who are not quite tech savvy, accessing streaming videos on the computer can prove more than a little challenging. Rabbit TV aims to simplify the processing, offering access to a wide variety of content from 5,000 TV channels, 25,000 movies and 500,000 radio stations.

rabbit tv review

Installation is easy: Just plug Rabbit TV into your USB drive and you’ll be streaming videos in no time. Finding what you want to watch is made simple with the Rabbit TV interface, which aggregates content from all over the internet under one interface. While all of the content that Rabbit TV offers is available for free somewhere on the net, the appeal of this product lies in its accessibility and ease-of-use.

Rabbit TV retails for $10 upfront and about $10 per year, with the first year free. Is it worth paying this small amount of money to get otherwise free content served up in an easy to consume manner? Personally, I think it is worth the chump change. However, you should realize that you aren’t paying for special content; you’re paying for the convenient delivery of free content.

If you think it’s worth the money (like I do), you can access Rabbit TV’s content anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Additionally, the low cost of entry and high convenience factor makes this product a great gift — especially for a parent or grandparent who is still an internet noob.


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