From Playgirl Pictures to Tears at ADP

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You know what they say: if you can’t stand the heat, don’t pose nude for Playgirl. Daniel Sawka, a man who appeared in the buff for the female-friendly magazine 18 years ago, is now suing his former employer for the harassment he received after his co-workers found out about it. He posed as a lumberjack, much to the delight of his co-workers that followed him around and shouted “Timber!”

Check out the 7 Daniel Sawka photos below to see what caused the ribbing.

According to the former lumberjack, the harassment began in 2009, only a month after he started working as a district sales manager at ADP Inc., a payroll company. He withstood the ridicule until March 2011.

He is now seeking the full suite of reimbursements for all of the suffering and is also asking for damages for the alleged emotional distress.

Sure, it was embarrassing, but maybe this dude should act like a lumberjack and man up. We all have something our friends and co-workers can tease us about. There’s no need to sue anyone over it. Ironically, he still works as a model. For his “emotional” well-being, we hope that he only does tasteful shoots from here on out.

Here are the 7 images we promised. Make certain you click “Next” to see all seven!

Daniel Sawka Playgirl Photos

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  • Ismael

    who are you to say they are distatefull Your implication is distatefull

  • r

    He is super hot! I love his lips! Of course, he does not look like that without makeup and perfect tan.

  • spookym

    “…if you can’t stand the heat, don’t pose nude for Playgirl” – what a ridiculous thing to say! Good God, 18 years earlier and he should have know better? We all make mistakes and sometimes have regrets. This isn’t about him being embarrassed or ashamed of what he did, it’s about childish co-workers with no manners.

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