Dear Donovan McNabb, RG III Doesn’t Need You, Shut The Hell Up

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Washed up quarterback Donovan McNabb has let the Washington Post know that superstar QB Robert Griffin III has not accepted his offer to sit down and talk. Now it’s become a media hot topic and McNabb has given RG III a distraction he originally didn’t have to deal with.

This situation is as simple as this: If you want to impart your ‘wisdom’ upon someone else and they say get lost, then that’s case closed. You don’t go and take the drama queen route and run and tell everyone. However, that’s exactly what Donovan McNabb did.

While McNabb’s career and rep took a nosedive at the end of his playing days, he probably has some useful information — but then again, maybe he doesn’t. Nobody really likes McNabb and he might be one of those people you’re better off just not knowing, even if he’s trying to help you.

Besides putting his career on the line for Rat Mike Shanahan, I don’t see anything RG III has done wrong. What does he even need McNabb for? Then when you add the fathers into the sit-down conversation, it just becomes a weird.

If I’m RG III — a super successful young QB — I reject McNabb too. I’m going to do things my way and if I need some guidance, I’ll reach out to someone I want to reach out to.

If McNabb really wants to mentor and help some young African American QBs, how about he pick out someone that is actually struggling like JaMarcus Russell or maybe even help Vince Young. RG III has everything taken care of already but thanks, Donovan, for offering to help the guy at the very top.

Now what was originally supposed to be a forced mentorship has turned into a huge media production all about Donovan McNabb. This isn’t how you handle things — but maybe RG III can take away that bit of knowledge.


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