11 John Zawahri Photos – The Santa Monica College Gunman

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The alleged gunman who killed multiple people in Santa Monica, California has been identified by police as John Zawahri. Right now, four people plus the suspect are dead, however there are still multiple people in the hospital — so that death count could rise. Authorities are already calling this a premeditated crime.

Below you can see 11 pics of John Zawahri, the alleged 23-year-old monster.

According to reports, his crime spree began at his father’s home, where he killed his dad and his brother. He then suited up in combat gear, grabbed assault weapons and a ton of ammunition, and went on his rampage. His final destination turned out to be Santa Monica College, where he was eventually killed by police.

Numerous publications state he had mental issues in the past, which would make this tragedy more understandable — but still horrific and unforgivable, nonetheless. Here are the pictures we promised. Be sure to click “Next” to see all eleven.

John Zawahri Photos

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  • Grizzled_Gringo

    Another long hair pretty boy Arab killer…

    • http://twitter.com/kennyvee Kenny Vee

      You mean another American killer. He was born here. And raised as a Christian.

    • Karmen Bonnici

      How many crooked paintings did you straighten today?

    • thegreatcorntrollio

      He’s an arab, whether he’s a christian or not is still at issue, there are christian zawahri’s although the most famous is aymen, the #1 al queda, bin ladens partner, it’s like being named bin laden, excuse us for wondering?

    • http://twitter.com/kennyvee Kenny Vee

      No, he’s an American. A citizen. Born and raised on U.S. soil. Calling him “another long hair pretty boy Arab killer” is not wondering, it’s stating as fact something that is untrue, because Grizzled_Gringo can’t bother to learn anything about the situation before throwing out baseless assumptions as fact.

    • thegreatcorntrollio

      Wait for release of info first, you are also speculating, whether he is Christian or not, he’s still an arab, maybe a Christian one.

    • Zephyr

      The shooter was Christian. It doesn’t matter. Maybe no one investigated him in time because they were too busy looking for Muslims. Profiling costs lives. Killers are killers; it doesn’t matter what race or religion they are. We need to analyze human behavior, which crosses every boundary, if we are to ever stop at least some killers ahead of time. Angry, unbalanced people exhibit similar tendencies regardless of nationality and other superficial factors.

    • thegreatcorntrollio

      no he’s not, not born here

    • LARA


  • Lebron Jackson

    Another one of those Arabs

    • http://twitter.com/kennyvee Kenny Vee

      American citizen. Also, Christian.

    • flyin4awa

      Really? Just how is it that you are so well informed while the rest of us are not?

    • peanut333

      There are several articles with same and different info on them. Google his name and you will be able to read them all.

    • KaliforniaUniKorn

      Stop making things up to fit your racist agenda.

    • LARA


  • Mohamed

    Why is the press not speaking about te origin of John Zawahri? Is it that they are afraid to mention his descent? Is he Arab or not?

    • http://twitter.com/kennyvee Kenny Vee

      He was born in Los Angeles. 100% American citizen. And from a Christian family. Try reading more than one brief article before trying to find out if it fits into your own racist image.

    • flyin4awa

      Last I read, there was no information pending notification of relatives…how is it that you know so much?

    • http://twitter.com/kennyvee Kenny Vee

      It’s called reading more than one source, and not judging situations solely based on the last name of the offender. Someone who went to church with him came forward, and others dug up family records based on the address where he killed his father and brother.

      Just because you aren’t being spoon-fed the information doesn’t mean it’s not available.

      I’m not trying to say that he’s Tea Party or even right wing. There’s a lot that we don’t know. I’m just saying that the people who automatically assume that he’s a Muslim based on his name are morons.

    • flyin4awa

      Considering that his mother was on vacation in the middle east and could not be reached for notification, he was Lebanese in descent, I really don’t see how you could possibly categorize him as a “white, Christian”. I think that you were a bit overly presumptive.

    • Harold Offield

      Kinda like Obama is100% American citizen, and is a Christian?
      No, seriously, where did you get your “facts”. I would like to keep it real. I don’t like the rush to judgment. You know, like the MSM did when they “assumed” the marathon bomber was some right wing, NRA, TEA party member.

    • KaliforniaUniKorn

      Says the Muslim Fascist.

    • LARA


    • Zephyr

      No, he was Christian.

    • thegreatcorntrollio

      zawahri is #1 alqueda, world’s most wanted fugitive………it’s rational to wonder about this last name

  • Randy Fitzpatrick

    It’s amusing to see the responses. “Oh, he was born in the U.S. and comes from a Christian family!” ROTFLMAO! Nothing like making shit up. Not one report says where he was born or what religion his family subscribes to. Another liberal “Oh please don’t let him be from an Arab family, please. I want him so bad to be a right wing Christian tea party member!”. LOLOL

    • me

      But he is Christian for sure thats confirmed.

    • LARA


    • Zephyr

      No, the Zawahris are Christian. What does it matter? Killing is killing.

    • Amber

      They’re probably saying that because minority groups are often times retaliated against/harmed after an incident like this-because people blame it on their color, ethnicity, national original or religion ( which is strange, because any other times these people would bring these issues up discussing discrimination, white people like you, Randy, would quick to become color blind..saying race doesn’t matter…LIAR)
      It’s funny, because the wishes and hopes don’t really matter
      He’s apparently Christian and he looks like he’s classified as a white American

    • Mike

      And you’re no better, jumping to your own conclusions.

    • lara

      WHITE LOOKING// hahahahahha not hardly.looks like a ture muslim and is!!!!

    • Moshe Ben-Jacob

      Most filthy Lebanese Americans are Christians. That’s just a fact. Whether Muslim or Christian, they are all violent and that’s something we need to address.

    • Zephyr

      No, all Lebanese are not violent. By your suggestion, we would spend more time looking for Lebanese, which would cost lives because most terrorists are not Lebanese.

  • Bob

    They weren’t Muslim or Arab they were actually Jordanian .. Don’t jump to conclusions

    • KaliforniaUniKorn

      It’s a Muslim name. Face reality for once.

    • Carmen Salgado

      Tamerlan and his brother were born in Russia from Russian parents. Therefore, they are Russians not Muslims. That’s just the r religion they choose to practice.

    • bulldog4857

      Russian is a nationality and ethnicity, not a religion. There are Jewish Russians, Christian Russians and Moslem Russians. The parents were ethnic Chechens and Moslems.

    • Zephyr

      Nope – mother is Dagestani. Father is Chechen, not born in Chechnya. The boys never lived in Chechnya, and there’s no record of even the father living in Chechnya. The parents are plain old modern university students who went on to hold normal, respectable jobs. If you try to pin this on a “radical Chechen terrorist family,” you’ll fail to prevent the next bombing, too.

    • novowel4me

      Next thing you know the NSA will be looking for telephone calls and e-mails originating from muslim countries, in order to detect a pattern that will allow them to thwart terrorist attacks. But, then again that would an intrusion of privacy, wouldn’t it.

  • jsw7533

    So he was upset about his parents divorce – that happened 10 years ago? Somehow that’s the reason he purchased body armor, multiple weapons, 1,300 rounds of ammo? I don’t think we’re hearing the real story…

  • OhHowStrange

    The previous picture showed the body on a sidewalk on yellow paint and black sneakers. Is this supposed to be a different crime scene? This picture is a different location and there is a boot now, not a sneaker. That’s different…

  • OhHowStrange

    The previous picture showed the body on a sidewalk on yellow paint and black sneakers. Is this supposed to be a different crime scene? This picture is a different location and there is a boot now, not a sneaker. That’s different…

  • Amber

    people always say; well if everyone had a gun. Look at this mother fucker. People who go on rampage shootings are always full protected head to toe in armor, so no, no one can stop you and who in their right mind is going to stand straight up instead of run..and whose to say that someone wouldn’t mistakenly shoot you because they thought you were the killer…..

  • Amber

    I’m hearing he’s American born…
    even if he’s from the Middle East, Northern Africa…guess what America.
    another fucking white boy with an agenda
    How long until this white kids kill us all

    • Alarms & Discursions

      Still safer than being a black kid.

  • Amber

    article describing him as monster, but the killer of 20 children was described as a brilliant young man with a history of mental issues
    Ugh racist white people embarrass me
    Seriously , the death of America will come at the hands of white people in denial and young white boys, like this killer, who get mad and feel that they are entitled to express their rage..

  • mcfly

    government will keep staging shootings until we give them our guns

  • qdog112

    The true test of whether he’s white or not lies in whether white society and the media are willing to give him coverage under the “mental ill defense” umbrella. That’ll clear it up fast, since only white guys get the benefit of that shield.

  • justanaverageguy

    His family’s long term religious heritage and ethnicity is either Jewish, Muslim, or Christian. What is it?

    If he was a Christian the media would scream it from the rooftops and have no trouble pointing a bigoted finger.

    • Moshe Ben-Jacob

      No, they wouldn’t. Christians are never implicated in their heinous crimes. Look at how Hitler and the Nazis were all Christian but nobody wants to point that out.

    • Roccop777

      Your generalization is foolish and unfounded to say the least. I live in Germany just about a 40 minute drive from the city the nihilist and atheist philosopher Friedrich Nietzche (“God is dead”) lived in. In fact he spent his later years in a mental clinic in our city. Hitler and the Nazis adored Nietzsche and his “Superman” ideology as justification to wipe out the “weaker” races. Hitler also idolized Richard Wagner, who composes operas/musicals which idealized old Germanic legends and deities. These legends contended to get into Walhalla (their heaven) one had to die in war as a bloodthirsty warrior. If you think that is proof that Hitler and Hitler were behaving as Christians, you’re mistaken. Yes Hitler and the Nazis may have sought to opportunistically refer to the Christian faith to manipulate people, but they definitely were not acting in accordance with the teachings of Jesus. Try reading the New Testament once and see for yourself! If someone, or a group claims to be Christian, but live in disobedience to the teachings of Jesus, they are hypocrites and liars.

      You wrote that no one points out that “Hitler and the Nazis were all Christians”. That’s nonsense I hear this unfounded slander all the time.

  • Ben Meredith

    It’s sad, how the white kids seem to have something wrong with them, and go on Mass killings. 1) This Santa Monica college killing 4
    2) Adam Lanza, Newtown, Connecticut killing 24
    3) Kliebo from the Trenchcoat Mafia at Columbine High School in Colorado,
    killing 9
    4) Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols of Oklahoma City. These kids killed 168 at
    the Oklahoma City Federal Building
    5) Jared Loughner killed 6 in Tuscon, AZ, injuring Congresswoman Gifford
    6) James Holmes, of Aurora, Colorado, killing 12.
    These white kids seem to have discipliine problems which comes from “bad parenting”. Not only are the white kids to be ashamed of, but so are their parents!
    There are no Christian values in them, anywhere!

    • Alarms & Discursions

      Then there’s the tens of thousands of black kids murdering black kids every single day.

  • Mark Abraham

    John zawahri is mental illness person.. do not blame christian for what he did .. I think he is more to an unbeliever since he rarely comes to church

  • aet student

    When I saw the title of this article, I hoped to see 11 pictures of John Zawahri, but I saw only three. I would like to better pictures of him when he was alive, because he may have been a former classmate of mine, but I can’t tell with such poor quality pictures.

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