Hero Hacker Deric Lostutter Outed Steubenville Rapists, Now Faces Prison Time

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The justice system can be difficult for the layman to understand, but this case has us really scratching our heads. Deric Lostutter, a security consultant that uses the online handle KYAnonymous, faces up to a decade more prison time than the Steubenville rapists for hacking crimes that helped to convict the scumbag football stars. This guy put out the videos and images taken from the rapists’ social media pages that essentially proved their guilt — and he’s being punished for it.

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He is the leader of KnightSec, a group in the Anonymous network that dedicates itself to protecting victims of rape, abuse of all kinds, and bullying. He published the search warrant that the FBI utilized to search his home, which unveiled that he was under investigation for hacking a website created by fans for the Steubenville football team.

The lame part is that he swears he didn’t even hack the website — it was another hacker named Batcat. However, Deric Lostutter does admit to obtaining the screenshots through a network of online supporters that believe in fairness and justice for victims of these kinds of crimes.

Now he faces more than ten years in a federal prison, while the Steubenville rapists face a minimum sentence of one year. We think this white knight hacker should get a medal for trying to do the right thing, not a prison sentence.

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