Antoine Dodson Painting by Dave MacDowell – Funny or Racist?

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The painting you see below of Antoine Dodson is being shown at an art gallery. A controversy has broken out regarding whether this painting, which was created by Dave MacDowell, of the internet sensation is racist — or just funny. Look at it and tell us what you think in the comment section below.

antoine dodson painting racist

While Dave MacDowell is well-known, he might be going over the line with this Antoine Dodson piece. A Colt 45 in one hand, a cigarette in another hand, bling around his neck and vicious dogs in the background? That’s hitting on quite a number of negative stereotypes.

And while we’re on this path, why is Antoine Dodson dressed in drag. Nowadays, he says he’s a straight man — so that too might be offensive.

Personally, I think it’s funny … but it also might be racist and offensive to gays. What do you think?

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  • Liam Bean

    Which gallery?

    • Curt Anderson

      This painting was shown at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City about TWO YEARS ago. This worthless article is incredibly untimely and ridiculous.

  • peace-not-war

    All of Daves paintings can be interpreted in different ways. I think they are all genius ! It’s about the art and those who take offense maybe need to be enlightened to broaden their knowledge and appreciation of art.

    The voicing of the unpopular, being the very soul of free speech.

  • Curt Anderson

    You’re a dumb piece of shit.

  • Tom Laura

    Mr. Kersey, i agree with you that its funny…and think it might offend, but my take is that in addition to creating stuff that looks great over your couch, an Artist’s job SHOULD BE to comment on his society and provoke thought, which Mr MacDowell is doing here. The painting is masterfully crafted; from the stoned eyes to the Colt 45 can logo to the mind-boggling stained glass in the background, this artwork is carefully and sensitively considered, which begs the viewer to consider how and what we as a society choose to sensationalize. High five Dave MacDowell, you mad, impetuous genius!

  • Josh

    Much of Dave MacDowell’s work has figures holding shitty beer such as Antoine in this painting. If you also took the time to actually “look” at his entire gallery of works, you would also see it is filled with the same type of elements as this painting. Cross dressing, Disney-esque characters (such as the dogs in this piece), and a strong focus on pop culture.

    I am also curious as to where this conversation on racism is taking place. After a short look around the net, it seems it is only here. You failed to link to ANY site talking about this racism, so it’s pretty clear is the one trying to brew the controversy. Nothing like trying to work up some site traffic eh?

    Do yourselves a favor and stick to writing articles about “18 GIFs of Bouncing Lady Bits”, Abbey’s Wilson’s sex tape, and articles like “Ask EveryJoe: Help! My Girl Doesn’t Allow Backdoor Entry”. Leave the art criticism to those that take art seriously and spend your time writing about JLO “baring her butt”. It’s more your speed.

  • Liam Bean

    Who is Kersey?

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