Meet Heath Campbell the Nazi Loving, Devil Worshiping Loser

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If we were the judge on this case, this would be a very short custody battle that ended with a resounding, “Hell no!” Heath Campbell, a Nazi fanatic who also worships the devil, allegedly abuses his wife and children, and unequivocally gave his kids ridiculous names, is fighting for visitation rights for his youngest son, 8-year-old Hons Heinrich.

Check out the 9 pics of Heath Campbell below to see this scumbag in action.

Along with Hons, he has three other children with his third wife, including one named Adolph Hitler. All three were also taken into state custody because of his alleged abusiveness. Another ex-wife has now testified about the extent of his insane behavior.

According to her, this guy would regularly impose strict rules for her and the children to follow. Physical and emotional abuse happened daily, with him knocking down his pregnant wife and taking her on trips to the local cemetery to point out where he’d bury her after he killed her. Yeah, if that allegation is true, he’s crazy and doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near his children. Period.

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