Valerie Dodds Returns to Catholic School with Epic Results

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“Thou shalt not photograph awesomeness on a Catholic school campus.” Maybe if that were the 11th commandment, Valerie Dodds of Lincoln, Nebraska would have been spared some trouble with the po-po — not that we’re complaining. This up-and-comer got written up for trespassing and walking around without clothes after returning to her alma mater, Pius X High School, and unleashing an epic shoot.

Check out the 9 Valerie Dodds pictures below and see why the Lincoln Police Department probably had to think long and hard before giving her a citation.

Among her shots was a tastefully done pic on the football field. Another one was shot in front of the school’s religious motto. As you can see below, there are others of her standing outside the school — in the middle of the day, mind you — in just her pasties.

She claims that the shoot was inspired by all of the high school haters that mocked her and laughed at her for creating a website for adults. As she becomes famous worldwide, she’s the one who’s laughing now.

Here are the 9 sizzlings shots. Be sure to click “Next” to cycle all the way through because we saved the uncensored one for the end!

Valerie Dodds

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  • lugger

    wow! what a fox! id luv to see her in a catholic uniform!

  • Guest


  • antman

    you lied. you said they were uncensored. They are censored! What are you afraid of? this is typical of the lying press we have become so used too. and the press says, “trust us” we don’t lie, we’re not biased. Face it, todays press is no longer credible. Ask anyone on the street.

  • Jaime Rudy Ballesca Sanchez
  • derpy derp

    She’ll probably end up joining that goofy Christian anti-porn group after she retires and start bashing the industry.

  • Guest

    What, exactly do you call uncensored? Every shot has pasties, is blurred, or has the black bars of shame. FAIL.

  • Richard Dickson

    I’ll bet Valerie looks good in her Catholic school uniform! I wish her the best of luck in her career in porn.

  • Eagle

    Now that is the way a woman should be. Does she need a body guard or protection from those school thugs ?

  • Upmuuchtoolate

    she will die of AIDS

    • H4BAF

      That you Westboro?

  • DummyDecoy

    i would love to see her adult video

  • MattR0cka

    She was probably molested as a child. :(

  • Jim Hoover

    let me explain something to you, EveryJoe, uncensored means no cutouts where part of the human anatomy is suppose to be, tired of being misled by everyone on the internet have some integrity.

  • khfjhf

    “uncensored”… yeah, i see… fcking bastards

  • khfjhf

    “uncensored”… yeah, i see… fcking bastards

  • khfjhf

    “uncensored”… yeah, i see… fcking bastards

  • Jesse Toler

    She’s hardly cute, and far from ‘awesomeness’.

    • H4BAF

      Glad you think so. Cause I’m doubting you’d stand a chance with her.

    • Jesse Toler

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but I get hotter girls without effort.

    • H4BAF

      Yeah, if that’s your real pic I’m sure you’ve got all the leg beating a path to your door.

    • Macks Webster

      You get AIDS from effing guys in the ass TOler, you cocksucker.

  • Svenghooli

    I volunteer to make her portfolio porn film…

  • bleazy

    women want our respect but all i see is women taking off their clothes more and more ….and it doesn’t matter age are social status if your rich are famous.. then it’s called classy..when poor are a nobody you are called a slut are hoe either way at the end women are doing exactly what the men have always wanted to just be looked at as sexual objects….even women are doing it to women….right now women liberation movement is a joke unless you women intended to just liberate your clothes then you have accomplished your mission…but if it was more to it than that then the mission is blown…it seems that all women did was fight to act like men….can’t beat em join em

  • trac ingr

    ok seriously., look at that face, PASS

    • John Mc

      That is couple of years ago that happen. She has a good heart and she is one of the most beautiful woman in the world that you could ever no. Stop putting her down people.

  • stephenvial23

    Being afraid of nudity is weak and pathetic. I’d feel sorry for these people if they weren’t so incredibly stupid. I can’t believe that someone is going to jail for this in 2015. What a bunch of primates.

  • Macks Webster

    Porn skank city …thank God she is doing porn – and LESBIAN only! I ama msma so happy. I will fuck her and all hot chicks.

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