Bryson Drew Dead After Possible Murder Suicide

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If you’re going to take yourself out, fine, but for the love of all that is good, leave the innocent kids out of it. Bryson Drew of Spanish Fork, Utah was found dead by his sister of a gunshot wound to the head. After the police arrived, they also found his two-year-old son Chanse Drew dead of blunt force trauma, along with a suicide note that didn’t explain the deaths.

Check out the 9 pictures of Bryson Drew and his son below. May the toddler rest in peace.

The family and police have not figured out the motive for this terrible tragedy. The guy’s father claims it was an accident, but the evidence leads to some suspicion. One shred of evidence: A post on Facebook about his so-called temper, which may point to some mental illness on his part.

Other than the reference to his temper, he only had loving things to say about Chanse Drew on Facebook — so maybe it was an accident. Whatever happened in that home, our hearts goes out to the family dealing with such a horrible loss.

Here are the nine pics. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see them all.

Bryson Drew

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