Taylor Chapman’s Dunkin Donuts Epic Rant

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She may have a beautiful face, but this girl has an ugly mouth. Taylor Chapman, armed with her iPhone and a hellish attitude, stormed into an Oakland Park, Florida Dunkin’ Donuts to complain that she hadn’t been given a receipt for her last order. What ensued was a storm of expletives and racial epithets that even made me blush.

Check out the 6 pics of Taylor Chapman below. If you live in Broward County, you probably want to avoid her at all costs.

The 27-year-old, who’s the proud owner of a business degree and is supposedly working toward a JD, unleashed her inner she-devil on the unsuspecting Dunkin’ Donuts employees, all the while reminding them that the video would be on Facebook and YouTube. Although she deleted her Facebook page, her video is going viral on YouTube.

This potty-mouthed profanity princess has apparently worked in marketing campaigns for several businesses in her area. I can say with certainty that this rant won’t be helping her land work anytime soon.

Here are the six images. Click “Next” to see them all. At the end, we’ve included a link to the unbelievable video!

Taylor Chapman

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  • TaylorChapmanIsUgly

    You are incorrect. Her face is as ugly as her personality.

    • Michael

      I think that her next job should be the poster child for retroactive abortion.

    • Tamudawson

      She will never get a real job again. She is now regulated to a life of stripping and porn…hoping that its middle Eastern pirn.

    • joenuff

      stripping with tiny saggy tits?

    • Keith Wright


    • Elena0411

      She sounds like she may be in the business already.

    • MK03

      If there is any justice in the universe, she will be forced to work at Dunkin’ Donuts for the rest of her life.

    • hahaha

      loser central, hillbilly trash compactor

      Taylor Chapman
      3361 NE 16th Ave #3
      Oakland Park, FL 33334

    • thatisanuglyho

      Agree… she is butt ugly. Looks more like 47 than 27.

    • Jesus

      That is from smoking crystal meth!

  • jakal40

    She must have been up late partying with Casey Anthony the previous night.

  • NomadicNewYork

    She looks like that crazy woman who took pictures of her boyfriend and then stabbed him to death. Mental health eval might help.

    • Taylor Chapmans a wh0re

      Hey, the Mental Health community can do a lot, but they’re not Gods!

    • LateNightLarry

      They’re not miracle workers either… just sayin’

  • Joel Mielke

    Sad what meth does to people.

  • shaydie

    Looks like her boyfriend is pending trial for grand theft auto and burglary. I found his mugshot online and it matches up with his picture. They’re scumbags. I’m so sick of garbage people like this.

  • Terry Norman

    The server was amazing in spite of all she did.

  • Lala

    In what world does this trash have a pretty face?

  • Treach.

    Beautiful face? Lol! I’d say she has a horse face. Horse faces are great on horses, but not so much on women.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Alexander/100002919962760 John Alexander

    I’d do her. Followed by Donkey Punch.

    • joenuff

      first Donkey Punch

  • Jesus

    She is ugly outside and inside!

  • trouble

    Unbelieveable inconsiderate bitch! Please someone put her out of her misery. Obviously unhappy with herself and with life.

  • Anson

    Agreed. She looks trashy. No way that face is pretty with a personality that awful.

  • Ben IncaHutz

    She shouldnt be surprised if she finds herself in the trunk of her meth dealers car. Her boyfriends likes to steal things so they will make a great couple!

    • Taylor Chapmans a wh0re

      We can only hope.
      There’s no place for this kind of garbage on this planet.

    • fuzzyE

      Sure there is-landfills and compost piles and sewage plants

  • Jen_in_NY

    I do not predict a happy life for this wretched girl.

  • Melimelz11

    she is a bum ghetto puta ! who does that ? tacky and no class

  • Kat J

    I’m a woman who’s not threatened by pretty women. I’ve got no problem admitting that a woman’s attractive. That said, “beautiful face?” I think not. If she was a good person, she could get away with the horrid bangs and limp hair. “Beautiful face?” Maybe to someone who’s been in jail for a while and she’s the first woman he’s seen.

    • tori

      I work in a jail and I am sure those guys would find her ugly.

    • jyladvik

      Why is her face & appearance the issue here? I find it interesting that people would discuss that, rather than her actions and behavior.

  • mrtylercat

    She must think very highly of her boyfriend as well…”I don’t care if they s and p in the food. I’m not going to eat it anyway. I’m going to give it to my boyfriend.” BTW…I spent many years in retail. A customer can complain, but as soon as the foul language came out I quit listening and dismissed them.

    • LateNightLarry

      I spent more than 30 years working with the public at the Post Office… when they start screaming and ranting, I pointedly walked away and got a supervisor to deal with them… I had one Postmaster who wouldn’t deal with any even mildly upset customer, and most of those got elevated to HIS boss.

      I had one passport customer who’s passport took longer to get back than normal, because of a crush of applications… he went into an profanity laden rant, gave me a bunch of outright lies; my boss stayed out of sight. After about ten minutes of his rant, when I had given him the number of the passport agency a number of times, I finally had to tell him that there was nothing I could do for him, he’d had his say, and he was to leave the office NOW… Even threatened to call the police when he wouldn’t leave (at that point he was trespassing, having been ordered to leave). When I picked up my cell phone and started dialing 911, he got the message and left. The twenty or so people in line behind him cheered, and gave me a couple of minutes to get a drink (just water, although I wanted a couple of tall cool ones), then I took care of them.

  • Mark Maul

    What is up with those lips??!!?!!?? Looks like she kissed a bus at full speed!

  • Kurt

    Spoiled little sociopath, this one. She needs a little empathy training…and a handful of lithium wouldn’t hurt.

  • Ren Rem

    Her facebook profile may be gone, but her “LinkedIn” profile is still up – maybe her current employer (“Pineapple Point”) would be interested:

    Pineapple Point is found here (she’s a student-intern):

  • Bernard Edward Burns

    She’s a fu***ng idiot potty mouth bi#*h.

  • DeeAnn

    Beautiful face??? You mean horse teeth? Bitch is ugly, inside and out.

  • Sophi

    She is mentally ill.. definitely needs medication, therapy, a good psychologist! Ugly human being.

  • MissDemeanor

    hah. good luck getting work with the state or a law firm. they do internet searches and background checks for everyone. they would never want someone as image-ruining as you representing them or a client. i’m ashamed you’re a fellow JD student.

    • jyladvik

      Unfortunately, lots of JD students act the same way she does. I know some of them. I doubt her law school would even care about this, they would just say its her “freedom of speech”. Which it is, but that is not the point. I personally don’t think she meets the ethical standards for bar admission; but that’s just me.

  • new englander

    she is a toddler having a temper tantrum. she obviously is a very low class person, hopefully she has permanently damaged her job prospects!

  • Dumbfloridian

    There is one word that fits this individual….CUNT!

  • mikey

    Pretty face? This is white spoiled trash at it’s finest!

  • Taylor Chapmans a wh0re

    She looks like a crack head and I’m sure she’s slept with more guys than there are Dunkin Donut franchises.

  • timmy

    True beauty comes from the inside. And this person is ugly on the inside.

  • Anne Charles Siperek

    A pig with lipstick is still just a pig.

  • Gia

    Wonder how many local TV jobs she will be getting now. I just cannot believe she clowned like this over a receipt. And why didn’t she pitch a fit when she was so horribly mistreated?

  • ShamedinBrowardcounty

    This cant be real. What school let this nut job get a degree? The sad part is that she probably will still get a good job and live a nice comfortable life if she knows the right people.

  • Tisk Tisk

    And her boyfriend Sean Hosch is a convicted GTA criminal:


  • Dreamspell

    WOW! My heart goes out to the server who had to deal with her in the first place. You have to wonder “What Was She Thinking”? My God this woman have one heck of a potty mouth on her. I wonder what the customers in the store that day must have been thinking. Remember she kept saying that she was recording it for FACEBOOK. Why did she delete her Facebook, since she was recording this crazy psycho mess of herself to put on it? I don’t believe she was on drugs, but that this is the kind of person she’s really is in life. Who goes that crazy about not getting their receipt? Who? Well every companies need to take a good look at her before hiring her for their companies. She probably will be recording them next. LOL!

  • ludaluda

    Here is some background from her linked in profile:

    Taylor Chapman

    Self employed

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Marketing and Advertising
    Pineapple Point

    Comfort Care Medical,
    Posche Models

    Southeastern University

  • the world hates taylor chapman

    she is very ugly. in every way.

  • taylorchapmanisabitch

    Lol..she deleted her facebook page. But her twitter is still there.. https://twitter.com/_TaylorChapman

  • Jenny Hiatt

    what a terrible person. hopefully she will move out of florida.

  • Barbara

    You know, every day you see Democrats hating on Republicans, Republicans hating on Democrats, atheists hating on believers and believers hating on atheists, Yankee fans hating on Red Sox fans, etc., etc. But then when people like Taylor Chapman come along… well, her actions are indeed horrendous, but it’s nevertheless nice to see everyone coming together and acknowledging what a despicable person she is. No matter who we are, at the end of the day, the vast majority of us do have good moral standards.

    • Gigi

      Hahahaha. I like your take on life.

    • runbun

      I agree

    • tori

      I heart Barbara.

    • Diana

      Barbara, I actually have a very different reaction to yours when stuff like this goes viral. It makes me sad to see people coming together to hate someone, no matter how despicable the person is. It feels to me people get really excited when an individual’s behavior is so disgusting they can justify to themselves saying terrible things and wishing death on someone. It points to something really dark. And it seems lazy and self-congratulatory to say ‘well, I’m a crappy person, but at least I’m not that bad’

  • taylor is trash

    of course she failed as a model, look at that thing. what a hillbilly

  • Reality

    She isn’t even close to being beautiful, she’s barely cute compared to a cheap hooker, and if it weren’t for that she’d be absolutely worthless.

  • trash taylor

    Taylor Chapman
    3361 NE 16th Ave #3
    Oakland Park, FL 33334

  • john doe
  • DM158

    Where’d you get she has a beautiful face? She’s ugly as hell.

  • namsnoodle

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKdriC9YFK0 #taylorchapman #dunkindonuts

  • FuckTaylorChapman

    She is nothing more than a cheap fat racist whore

  • Chestnut

    http://www.facebook.com/taylor.chapman.7796 Looks like she has a new facebook page. I feel sorry for the DD workers. They did a good job. Nobody should have to be treated the way she treated them.

    • Gigi

      The young guy who served her deserves a promotion. BTW, what a stupid policy. No receipt, free meal. Obviously some suit in an office on the 52nd floor of a skyscraper thought that one up.

  • Lisa

    Butt ugly, no class + poor boyfriend of hers.

    • philthy alfred

      The poor devil is in for a life of sheer hell if he marries her.She is EVERYTHING a woman should NOT be.

    • jyladvik

      I bet the guy is foolish enough to stay with her. If she is good in bed. For some men, that’s all they care about. Sorry to say. Nice women often wind up alone.

  • Weenis


    3361 NE 16th Ave #3

    Oakland Park, FL 33334

  • Sheena Farley

    Taylor Chapman

    3361 NE 16TH AVE #3

    Oakland Park, FL 33334-5311

  • Gigi

    Taylor Chapman, meet the internet. :)

  • Ryan

    Yeah, yeah. I know it makes you guys feel oh-so-superior to say “she’s ugly on the inside and the outside!” but come on, let’s get real. You’re just being self-righteous. We all know she’s pretty hot.

    That being said, she’s BEYOND disgusting as a person and I would love to see her get hit by a bus. But you guys are being transparently self-righteous when you say “nuh-uh she’s ugly!”. Physically, she’s attractive. Quit with the bullshit.

    • Paulie

      Maybe you’re just desperate. If you like trailer trashy chic, then I guess she’s hot.

  • Matthew Wong

    She even looks like tailor trash…I wouldn’t be so proud to tout her Indiana roots, some people might take serious offense to that especially after seeing this.

  • Paulie

    What was she a model for? Paper bags?

  • Barb

    How can you say she has a beautiful face? She’s as ugly as she acts. A horse faced bitch. Now she will read this article and all she will take away is that people think she is beautiful. Nice job Joe.

  • Elena0411

    She has the raspy voice of a 60-year-old, three-pack-a-day smoker. And the vocabulary of a third grade drop-out prostitute.

  • Melanie LaPoint

    Such an ugly individual. And I don’t mean physical appearance!

  • anonymous

    hm.. i live 5 mins away from oakland park. might pay her a visit

  • Davie

    Beautiful? I guess that is in the eye of the beholder. Crack hoe comes to mind.

  • 47docrock@cox.net

    a tweeker if ever there was one…notice she rattled on and could not shut up plus kept repeating herself …what a disgusting excuse fore a human being…whatever she receives for her ugliness is deserved

  • Mick Fowler

    She looks like Olive Oyl. On bath salts. They’re lucky she didn’t eat their faces.

    • green1313

      That’s the best!!

  • Sophie

    Taylor Chapman

    3361 NE 16TH AVE #3

    Oakland Park, FL 33334-5311

  • fuckstephenkersey

    how the fuck is she pretty you blind fuck, a horses jawline is nicer than hers

  • Dennis

    So, when will the indictments come down? Illegal taping……FL LAW.

    • green1313

      I honestly don’t believe any of the parties involved would pursue this. I know I certainly would. What a frikkin’ bitch. The worst I’ve ever seen. Hope she never gets another job. I mean, who would actually socialize with this creature?

  • mth0ma5@yahoo.com

    After watching Taylor Chapman’s DD rant, for the first time in his life, Chuck Norris has known fear!

  • Steve Jones

    She could get a job in porn all they need is a bag for her head.

  • Jimmy Voltron

    She has just the right combination of physical attractiveness and awfulness for me to admit that if I saw her out in the real world, risking incarceration would totally be worth it to drag her by her hair into an alley to bludgeon and rape her.

  • james Oflaherty

    Sometimes there is something to be said for eugenics….

  • neutral

    I hope she enjoyed her coffee because I am sure she is banned from every Dunkin Donuts in the country (and if not, why not?)

  • chelleedub

    This large gummed girlie is obviously a sociopath…must have something to do with the last name…

  • Lester

    She doesn’t have a beautiful face. She is SCUM BUTT UGLY through and through! And she looks like she smells of old produce and tuna residue.

  • Lester Summerall

    Someone said she was threatening to kill herself over all the backlash. Really? U GO GIRRRL! Put us ALL out of YOUR misery!

  • Bleee

    She’s haggard and ugly. Her overbite puts camels to shame.
    Apparently she’s claiming mental illness as an excuse. People who know they are mentally ill seek treatment and medication. She is doing neither, and instead reveling in the attention she’s getting. She claims she’ll release a public statement about her behaviour when she’s “ready…and I’m not doing it for free”.
    She’s just a greedy bitch who was pampered her whole life by her parents and now expects the world to cater to her whims or suffer her tantrums. She deserves to be beaten to a pulp.

  • niga niga

    I would wreck this cunt

  • Bystander

    She may be pretty but she is ugly on the inside where it counts.

  • cosita001

    pure white trash

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