5 Reasons Why iOS 7 Sucks

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Tue, Jun 11 - 12:42 am EDT | 5 years ago by
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Apple has hardly changed the iOS software since it was first released, so the news of an impending iOS 7 redesign comes as a shock to many iPhone and iPad users. They should be angry too because since it ain’t broke, why did Apple go ahead and fix it? It makes absolutely no sense.

It’s safe to say this wouldn’t have happened if Steve Jobs were still alive.

Here are our top five reasons why Apple should have shied away from this whole new world of iOS 7 software:

1. It Comes out of Nowhere

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After one seemingly harmless update, everything about your phone becomes different. From the look of it all to the wide range of new gesture commands that you don't know about yet, you'll probably find yourself struggling to get used to the new software. Now think about how grandma, who has just mastered placing a phone call, is going to react to the big update.

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  • ios7suks

    Plus all those colors and gradients look horrible.. yuk

    • http://www.facebook.com/robertalyon Robert Lyon

      I keep thinking acid trip

  • madmax

    this article is complete bullshit

  • Matt

    Don’t like it.. Don’t update.. I have it and I think it’s great. Much better than 6.0

    • Bob

      You can’t just say “Don’t update”, Apple is just screwing with its customers now and how about if someone likes the new features but doesn’t want the entire design changed?

  • zawarudo

    “It’s safe to say this wouldn’t have happened if Steve Jobs were still alive.”

    Safe to say because you know that iSteve won’t get resurrected to slap you in the face.

    • suxi07


  • Dtarrago

    I am with you on those 5 points. But you are missing the most important. It would have look a lot more interesting, attractive, unique if the new features were done on ios 6 UI. Apple has gone backwards.

  • Tatsh

    I agree 100% with this article. Nothing wrong with iOS in its current state when it comes to look. Why did it have to change? Who are these people coming out and saying ‘We want iOS to look like Windows 8!’ or ‘We are tired of the current look and feel!’?

    • nhr215

      because the user interface hasn’t changed meaningfully since the first iPhone in 2007. Gee, don’t you think 7 years *might* be kind of a long time to have the exact same UI? Most people want refreshes. Apple finally delivered one to its iOS users.

    • http://www.eternalseven.com/ Nik

      Since Jesus (I mean Jobs) gave us this UI 7 years ago, we have needed nothing else. We desired absolutely no refreshes until Apple notified us of our need of one. Thank you Apple, and Jesus!

    • suxi07

      Shitty change to UI bored with it already, want a knew one now…the other lasted 6 years without complaints……

  • Gowtham

    ROFLMAO.. An OS update sucks because the hardware is still the same! I never knew other OSs update come with hardware updates!

    • Guestito

      I know right – if anything its a good thing you don’t have to upgrade your hardware

  • Guest

    ROFLMAO.. An OS update sucks because the hardware is still the same! I never knew other OS updates come with hardware updates!

  • mr realist

    Sucks is a strong word for something that you have not tested yet.

    1. It comes out of nowhere…Really. If everyone thought like that we would still be wiping our asses with leaves. Why ever do anything new… its called evolution… and if grandma is having problems with a smartphone it´s completely understandable. Buy her a Nokia.

    2. It´s unnecessary… Totally a matter of opinion. I myself do like the old look but I won´t badmouth the new look only on the base of a couple of pictures. “People care about functionality”: i think you (Kori) fell asleep during the keynote… Control Center, Notification Center, Multitasking, New Photos App (awsome improvement), AirDrop, iCloud photo sharing, New Safari, Itunes Radio, IOS in the Car, iCloud Keychain (=awsome functionality) etc…

    3. Maps. Yes they do suck but atleast everyone Apple admits this.

    4. It Doesn´t Feel Unique Anymore. Totally matter of opinion. Quite bold to state this before actually testing it

    5. You´ll Still Have the Same Hardware… Really… The hardware is solid. I think it is going to be impressive IF (ififififif) the iPhone feels like a new phone with the same hardware. And personally I think this is a really naive statement to make!

    If companies would follow this articles philosophy we would still be using computers and systems which would look like windows 95. ” Since it ain´t broken, why did Apple go ahead and fix it?” – It ain´t broken, no one ever said it was. Apple did not strive to fix anything. It´s called improvement.

    • moriarty

      well said mr. realist. i m glad u took the time correcting these naive statements. i appreciate your effort on this.. i m just tired of seeing people make rediculous statements on every product apple comes up with.

    • http://www.facebook.com/robertalyon Robert Lyon

      Why? It’s one person’s opinion. I like Android more, and I’ve been doing a lot of Apple bashing since I figured out how much better Android is, but in the end does any of this even matter?

    • Robert Lyon the II

      love the irony in that you Robert as a Android fanboy keep having profile pic taken with iphone (btw. only 15-16 year old teenage girls take pictures of them self through the mirror and thinks its cool :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/robertalyon Robert Lyon

      Oh. I had iPhone from 2008 to early this year, so I’m very familiar with Apple. I think there’s many (not all) apple fanboys who just regurgitate what they read about Android online without ever actually trying it. Even Apple is trying to make iOs 7 more like Android. Why the need for a personal attack? It’s actually quite common in noticing. Do you realize these are just gadgets?

    • spamartist

      And your opinions matter to who only you child!

  • John

    I agree with the author. Except the worst thing is ios 7 looks like a mishmosh of windows 8, android and the old microsoft zune applications. Very poorly designed with very ugly icons. The updates are miniscule at best and the layout is horrid. I believe they really messed up letting Scott Forstall go. Will see how this measures in unit sales and how many people go to windows, android and blackberry. Blackberry now has the best look and design. I worked direct for Apple for 8 years. I am glad i left as ios7 and the joke of osx Mavericks would have made me leave apple for the lack of focus and direction of apple as a company. The decade of apple was 2000-2010, since then they have been acting alot like microsoft.

  • nhr215

    Really, your gripe is that they have made one major redesgin in 6 years??? If you don’t like change, don’t upgrade. Problem solved. For the other 99.999% of iOS users, this update is barely an update. It doesn’t fundamentally change anything about the OS, just makes some minor tweaks, most of which, ahem, have been available on Android for 3 product cycles.

    Personally, I’ll wait until I play with the new iOS before judging it but I’m not expecting much. Apple is slowly slipping into mediocrity and incrementalism.

    • Mike

      Actually, the new IOS is very UGLY

    • Rettaannie

      I miss the normal Apple functionality of my calendar…you can’t even swipe across the top and go to the next month, you have to bring up a yearly calendar, click on the month you want and then go into the day…that is like three steps too many. The white everything is ugly…I loved all the colors and texture in my iphone until now. I miss the notes look too…loved the look of a legal pad. Miss that, ugly white now. And my battery life sucks big time! It has been a long time since I couldn’t go a whole day without charging my phone up…no more. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it….I hate this version.

  • Alfredo Pizzuto



    • Joshua Kohut


    • dabigone


    • exapple

      Sorry pal, embarrassment has happened already. It’s called ios7.

  • Barry

    What a poor and pointless review. They can’t win whichever way they do it. It did need a refresh, not a radical change and thats what happened. You fail to mention any of the new features nor the features changed to improve current features. Apple software is ALWAYS easy to use, hence this will be no different. As for maps, i have never had a problem with them and dont find much difference from google maps to apple… but i know people have (i must be lucky to live in areas thats not affected). I think its a good refresh and will be popular. Its improved and brought it up to date without going down the pointless gizmos like other OS have.

  • Joshua Kohut

    I’m sorry sir but you have way too many naive comments to be taken seriously.

  • Suhrud

    Wow! You don’t deserve to be on the internet, man! With reviews like these, you might as well… I don’t know… Yeah.. It’s so bad and shitty. Your review, I mean.

  • vincent

    i just got ios7 and im loving it. i got it from etsy and it was super fast. https://www.etsy.com/listing/153786325/udid-activation

  • Satan

    Jailbreaking > iOS 7

  • Paul Ingram

    Utterly ridiculous “review”. Have you actually tested it? When Windows 8 came out, I tested it and absolutely hated it. It screams “don’t use me for business, on a non-touch device. It will destroy productivity” – Microsoft are responding by making it better for non-touch. They tried to go too far with the mobile/non-mobile merge. I’ve had iOS 7 for 2 days now and yeah it has some elements I don’t agree with or don’t like, but you know what? It’s okay. It’s got a few bugs – but it’s beta software – and it’s got some nice new touches.

    The control centre, for example, brings buttons within quick and easy reach for network connections, music and brightness. Okay, so Android have had this for a whlie but it’s a fantastic addition and something Apple should have introduced a long time ago.

    App folders – they seem to have removed the 9-app limit per folder. It seems to have pages within folders. Very handy.

    Music – nothing much has changed here, but they seem to have removed the ability to shuffle music by artist if you have more than one album by that artist. Either that, or they’ve moved the option.

    A “square” option has been added to the camera – I guess for the Instagrammers of the world?

    Things feel slightly more organised and I’m liking the changes that mean common tasks – like turning wi-fi on/off and setting my alarms – get done faster with less taps on the screen.

    No OS will ever be perfect but to make the kind of statements you have is rather naive. We are entering an era where design trends are going “flat” and Apple are following this trend.

  • Matty

    Quite possibly one of the most useless , baseless, and rubbish tech articles I have read. It’s as if the authir has been stuck in a hole by themselves for the last few years. The facts are that whole tech community and customers, were eagerly awaiting a new ios from apple. That’s why they did it. Customers were crying out for it, as the opinion of customers was that ios 6 looks out of date. It needed a refresh according to the views of the majority of people. Compare this to competitors operating systems and its obvious it looks out of date.

    • joe

      “eagerly awaiting”? WTF are you smoking? Everything in 6 was perfectly fine, save the maps that they fucked up in the last update – if your idea of up to date is overdone gradients, tiny thin fonts, and no metaphors to real life objects, you’re an idiot. give people something they can fucking USE, not shiny objects to captivate retards.

    • http://www.facebook.com/robertalyon Robert Lyon

      If you’re high you could probably stare at it for a while.

    • iHate

      Wher the kcuf is my easy access brightness and screen lock!

      Someone needs to resurrect Steve Jobs. He’d be turning in his grave.
      He may even resurrect himself.

      I hate you Macintosh. If this “iOS” (which is now a money making scheme) doesn’t change, i’m (very) afraid i am going to have to stray to the samsung, android or windows tablets :/

    • iHate

      Fuck you! For literally taking a bite out of the apple >:(

    • mr realist

      OMG APPLE DID NOTHING BUT FUCKED UP THE UI IN IOS7, SO SHINY AND FOR IDIOTS THEY SHOULD HAVE GIVEN SOMETHING PEOPLE CAN USE….hmmm….Control Center, Notification Center, Multitasking, New Photos App (awsome improvement), AirDrop, iCloud photo sharing, New Safari, Itunes Radio, IOS in the Car, iCloud Keychain (=awsome functionality) and more…. waaait…. who was the idiot?

  • albumihai

    Installed iOS 7 on iPhone 4 GSM, it totally sucks, finally they put a quick access widget to stop wifi , bluetoothm lantern , this is the only useful thing. The os is very sluggish! you can still downgrade to 6.1.3. I like the all white menus, but is a combination between android and windows mobile. The icons are terrible!

    • Paladinkiller

      i dont think IOS 7 was meant for Iphone 4…

    • exapple

      Quit being so dam cheap man…go get a new phone. Geez..what did you expect, your phone is old.

  • James

    I have installed it today and it’s not really that nice note very app works :( and Instagram pics i doesn’t always show :(

  • WRXHavoc

    Really? These are reasons it sucks?

    1. Comes out of nowhere?

    Where have you been? Under a rock? When Apple shook up its leadership and canned Scott Forstall last OCTOBER, the writing was on the wall that skeuomorphic design was out (all that faux wood, green felt, and extraneous crap that was supposed to make you think your phone was a device that most users had never touched–a real-to-reel tape deck for the Podcast app?).

    2. Unnecessary?

    iOS 6 is dated. Very little has been done since the introduction of the iPhone. It is time for a change. To put it in perspective, since the launch of the original iOS, there have been three major overhauls to Windows (Windows XP to Windows Vista to Windows 7 to Windows 8). And there are some serious improvements in iOS 7. Control Center? Better Notification Center, iTunes Radio, etc. It’s not just about aesthetics (which, I would argue, have been improved overall though some of the new app icons need a little work).

    3. Maps

    This is a reason iOS 6 sucks, not iOS 7. Considering little was talked about with maps on iOS 7 (thought the keynote did address maps on OS X Mavericks), it’s a little premature to be slamming the maps app.

    4. It doesn’t feel unique?

    You can keep your skeuomorphic design. I’ll go with something that looks a little fresher and isn’t cluttered with unnecessary decorative elements. From the screen shots I’ve seen, there is still a unique “Appleness” to the new look. Hell, Jony Ive (the man behind Apple’s hardware design for the last decade) is at the helm for iOS 7′s look and feel. It’s pretty safe to say there is still a unique Apple design ethos at play. How about things like the parallax wallpaper?

    5. It’s the same hardware?

    So what? I think it’s a pretty safe bet that new iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch hardware will be making an appearance in time for the holiday shopping season. But this complaint is somewhat at odds with the theme of the rest of the review. If the current hardware ain’t broke, why fix it? This update will run on iPhone 4 and iPad 2 hardware that is several generations old.

    • http://www.facebook.com/robertalyon Robert Lyon

      He can’t keep his iOS 6 design if he wants iOS 7. You’d have to go Android for something like that with all the custom launchers that can be downloaded from the Play Store.

    • Siddharth Shukla

      The classic statement mixed with brainwash and egoism. The Itouch 4g is not being updated to iOS 7, hell it didn’t even get that one toyful application Siri. It is only one generation older than the newest Itouch.

  • samgalz

    lol apple fanboys everywhere.. come on people, i encourage the control center, its a cool feature.. but this ui, i think apple played it way too risky changing it this dramaticly. also raindrop is pretty much something that even my motorola v3 did like 7 years ago by transfering shit through bluetooth.. apple are coming up with things that were already out a while ago, want an example? when they released ios 6 they were so proud of the panorama mode function.. i mean, please, my sony ericsson could do that 5 years ago lol… i had a 4s, after getting old shit over and over now im happy using android..

    • http://www.facebook.com/robertalyon Robert Lyon

      Agreed. I had iOS almost 5 years and Android blows it away.

  • John

    I’ve personally used a phone with IOS7 (a friend is a developer), they’ve definitely made some improvements, but also some big mistakes.

    1. font is smaller… this is going to affect 50% of the user base (age >50)

    2. scroll up for quick settings is AWESOME

    3. it’s trying to be something no one that has an iPhone wants it to be: Android

    4. like the article said… too many new features at once

    5. simplicity is good when it comes to product design, UI and GUI is a little different, people need to have their hand held a little bit more… Ios7 doesn’t do that…

    • duffman

      Response to reason 1, if font is to small change it in settings. I haven’t owned an iPhone since my iPhone 3s, but the droid has the option to change font im sure this one will too. If not maybe in ios8.
      reason2, haha control center? Hmm my old htc 4g had that and that phones like five years old.
      Reason3 wow where the hell have you been the only original iPhone was the first. Since then its just been a re release with ideaa droids and window phones have had for years. The reason why its more like a droid now is due to the fact droid is based on open source. This means programmers like myself can easily put new features and ideas into our phones. Those that get popular become base line in the operating system which apple then uses marketing digging to copy over. Basically it feels like a droid because apple keeps copying droid. And theres nothing wrong with that except apple fan boys lose the feeling of being unique and deep for owning an iPhone
      reason 4, to many new features at once? Are you insane? No ill pay full sticker price on the car but can you remove the stereo, air conditioner and power steering I wouldnt want to many features at once. Bro more features means better product. Besides its still less features than a droid had over 3 years ago.
      reason 5, makes no sence if you like the old ui so much download springboard, winter board which ever app there using now to make a custom ui. Im sure there’s even one to use the ui from ios6

  • Sopol Sopolv

    Just installed the preview, it plainly sux, everything is white, it hurts to look at all the text that is supposed to be clickable, the background is ugly, the icons are ugly, just a hodgepodge, no aesthetics at all. The buttons in the dial app are smaller in order to mistype more easily. Ive is an idiot to think he can design a better UI by copying the even more terrible window 8. Helvetica, so boring. Where did all those brainwashed people come from that decided that flat and faceless and ugly is so cool and they should force it on everyone else?

  • Mark ter Luun

    I think you don’t really understand the essence of iOS 7. The look and feel of the current iOS is quite outdated. The world has changed, and if Apple would stand still watching the world move, Apple would be out of business in no-time. And believe me, grannies that can use an iPhone are smart enough to cope with the changes. And of course iOS 7 runs on the same hardware! Would be sad if I’d have to buy a new iPhone to use the new iOS! But a software update can surely make your device faster and more powerful! Better resource management (such as smart multitasking) and additional features make my device both faster ánd more powerful! Shame on you for writing this nonsense!!

    • gbgentleman

      Paid by Apple?

  • Cece

    So iOS 7 started automatically updating my apps. There was an update for vine and Instagram and also kik, my three most used apps. It only said waiting, and when I pressed the app to make it load, it didnt work, and I also couldn’t delete and redownload. So I found out how to delete them through the settings and, then I went into the settings to download them again, and it didnt work. So now my phone is useless without my three favorite apps. I guess I can’t use my iPhone till fall.

  • Seth Estrada

    I think the biggest reason is because Apple announces this stuff like they just invented it:


  • dabigone

    Let me refute some points:

    People WERE asking for an updated UI. They hated the felt and leather textures, and many people thought iOS was stale, since it looks almost the same as when it was first introduced.

    They DID pay attention to us. Many previous errors are now fixed, and while it is still incomplete and an inferior offering to Google Maps, it is inaccurate to say that they haven’t been listening. They can only find errors if enough people REPORT them, instead of just complaining.

    The only thing I hate about iOS 7 is the icons, but as it is a beta, it may be changed in the future.

  • apple>>>>android

    do you even have ios 7???? its amazing. has the features i usually have to jailbreak to get, and its still in beta, were not even trying the polished version yet

  • Jeff

    Actually most of iOS users and designers as a while hated the skeuomorphism is iOS 6 and under leaving point 2 irrelevant. Point 1 is also wrong as much of the main UI structure remains the same or at least familiar.

    • LR9099

      they only had to remove skeumorphism – like they did on Mac. they didn’t have to make the entire iOS ugly and irritating.

  • Helloios7sucks

    My nfl matchups a doesent work

  • guest

    Looks flat, and boring, No different than the rest (win 8, android)!
    Steve would throw a fit and verbally beat up designers, or at least fire them, over this one.
    Like or not, Steve’s passion was a big part of Apple’s success (twice by the way).
    Do you really think anything from Apple four or five years ago would look even remotely close to a windows product? I’m not bashing windows, it’s just my opinion!
    I personally like the differences between Apples, Oranges, windows, and Linux!
    It’s all good tech!

  • scota

    I don’t like the lack of contrast on the enter passcode screen. I don’t like the narrower arrow you have to slide to open either. When are software companies don’t quit listening to software engineers and start listening to consumers? I know have to click more to get the same information.
    Watch their stock price tumble tumble tumble

    • Everett

      The scroll up feature is impossible to use. It works only part of the time. Very frustrating

    • LR9099

      it really mostly sucks, but fwiw you can now swipe anywhere on the screen to open

  • scota

    when are software ompaines going to quit….

  • Jack

    Just got the update for the ios 7. And it does suck. For all the reasons stated and many more

  • m2121

    swipe up from from bottom from control center only works about 10% of the time

    display is washed out and difficult to read

    the animation is distracting

    What happened to the search page you used to get to swipe to the far left? Not obvious. I got there somehow one time I did not want to.

    If I did not know you swiped to get to the UI when started, I would never have known that was how you did it.

  • Swiftfox

    My wife did the update to her phone and now it looks like a
    Fisher Price toy; needless to say I will not be doing the update!

  • Porscha

    I really freakin HATE it?! It seems to me that it just enables more ads to be pushed at you!!! I can’t do a thing without another ad popping up!!!! And..yes….I have limited ads and stopped tracking!!! Plus….it seems I have to press twice on every link..before it will…..slowly….start loading!!!! SUX!!! Safari….double sux!!!! What….I have erase the previous search to do a new search!!!! SUX!!!! What my chances of removing this upgrade?

  • James

    grandma doesnt have to update it, neither does anyone if they dont want. this is just flaming

  • bostonrickb@aol.com

    wow. This is my only apple product and will be my last. I cant stand the new look. Apple really does suck and I hope this is the beginning of the end of this company. May there stock continue its noise dive!

  • Smyth

    Loved the old one ! Hate the new one all the apps new icons look stupid and everything is white and the text convos look like msn or something from back in the day

  • scottfree

    Ruined my phone… If I wanted a droid or windows phone I would buy one? This white is giving me a headache. Its ugly, tacky, and boring. iOS HELLOKITTY

  • The Trekkie

    Your wrong I thought that until I tried it. It’s better than it looks

    • LR9099

      actually, only when you try it you finally realize how unspeakably worse it is than you thought. instead of “simplicity”, it adds a barrage of UI effects such as animations, fading, jerking, twitching and other convulsions. using iOS 7 i s a constant irritation and distraction. horrible user experience.

  • Phil

    This version of iOS looks like a beta version where the focus was on function with the intent of making it look good still to be done. Only greedy management must have decided that they could leave it this way — call in innovative and “minimalist design” and save the time and cost to take advantage of that retina display. Things are so basic now that I’m pretty sure a kid with an etch-a-sketch could do something similar. Sad how Apple has let us all down. Steve should be spinning in his grave.

  • Walter Ison

    Thx Apple, you’ve just made it easier for the competition! After being a dedicated iPhone user since the 2nd gen came out, I’m now considering getting the Samsung. Your simple little SW update makes me cringe every time I have to pick up the phone. The intensely bright white backdrops along with the anorexic letters is utterly generic looking. And the way-to-colorful icons looks like something out of a child’s coloring book.

  • suxi07

    i want 6 back… shitty graphics… jobs would have had someone fired, no 3d look bad all round….. :(

  • mbilet

    if you upgrade / downgrade to iOS 7 you might as well buy a samsung galaxy.
    the reason many have been getting apple products is because it has nice graphic interface. now it looks like an android with a smaller screen. no wonder share prices fall like leaves on the trees in new england at fall. Huge mistake!! you are following Nokia’s footsteps now. Too bad SJ departed. I am sad for apple

  • Wendy

    It looks like a child made the new icons. If I were a 12 year old I’d love it. Steve jobs is probly rolling over in his grave

  • donuts

    My iPad now hurts my eyes since the update. Apple said I can’t go back to the old software. My iPad is ruined and useless to me now. Thanks Apple!

  • marcelo

    IOS 7 is not what I want…I am starting a petition for APPLE to allow people to roll back to IOS6 if they want.
    I pay so much money and so do all of us for something we don’t want. HELP GET THIS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anicca

      I FULLY AGREE!! I am SO sorry I did it I want to throw the damn thing away!!!
      It SUCKS ! I HATE seeing DISNEY and ESPN and YAHOO on EverY %#{<€¥|.]

  • marcelo

    I want to roll back to IOS 6 LETS DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iszzy

    Are you still look my ipad…. NOW, this rainbow colors this throw up colors is just wrong.
    It use to look professional now it looks like and every seven-year-old should have one.
    Please change it back. Maybe you would even turn off the seven-year-old
    So I’m happy!,

  • omega1

    Apples update sucks. The change in the way some apps look and work are as if a kid designed them. The phone and many other app changes cant be seen by many people over 40. What the hell is wrong with you? Apple you screwed up your simple working phone for all people to be able to use with ease into a piece of crap. The calendar stinks. Before it was bold now it looks and functions like trash. it looks like it was designed by a child with a pencil. And the phone is a pain to operate before it was simple for all to see and use. Change most of the phone back to the simple way that iOS 6 was designed. And where do they get off not letting people go back to iOS 6 if they rather. I pay for my phone and data service. It should be my choice to use iOS 6. So with that I have to say as if you couldn’t tell. Your iOS 7 sucks.

  • exapple

    Poor apple fans…they are angry…tissue for you all..

  • Lisa

    My husband and I updated our iPhone 5s to the new iOS 7 system. I have to say, this is truly a slap in iPhone lovers faces. The iPhone is a smart, savy tool that can do enormous amount of things. It’s suppose to be the BEST phone anyone can have. This is coming from a Apple customer since 1994. I am truly, truly disappointed in this update. I want an iPhone, not a windows phone, android, Motorola phone or a cheap “Smart” phone. This new update completely took away the beauty that Steve Jobs created. I think this new CEO and all the designers are killing what Steve had envision. I would like to go back to the early iOS. If rather use the first iOS that was for the iPhone 3G. They need to make a new update or just delete this one and have us use the older one. There were no complaints about it. Let’s go back!

  • Lisa

    Did I also mentioned that most of the sounds have changed as well!

  • KC

    I had no value this was irreversible. APPLE sux for this!


    If Tony Stark was real, he probably would have chosen android over apple and this article shows exactly why.

  • frustrated

    I hate hate hate IOS7 upgrade! Why fix what isn’t broke? I hate the colors, looks of icon apps, everything! I get bounced out of things all the time!!! Never happened before upgrade! My fear is that with Steve Jobs no longer, Apple would go down the crapper and my fears are coming true! This upgrade is awful! I hate it! They should have just left it alone!!!!!!!!!! So frustrating!

  • miller

    fuck this. i am buying an android…. actually 168 of them for my employees. apple died with steve. RIP.

  • Clifton Webb

    This article and it’s format is a waste of effort and time. Pictures are nice but relevant information would be better.

  • Kuhiro

    It’s pretty much their company , why would you go and correct them ?
    I mean you can’t even do much better than them … If you
    don’t like the ios , just change to android. That usually solves the problem
    without you complaining about it …

  • jon

    Apple software sucks period the old software sucks and the new software sucks, it’s almost like I phones are designed for two year old, you don’t even need a brain to operate an I phone

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