Dodgers Diamondbacks Brawl Reaction: Let Them Fight

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Last night the Dodgers and Diamondbacks got into a bench clearing brawl where 80s stars and now coaches Matt Williams, Mark McGwire and Don Mattingly all got into the act.  Now sports writers are denouncing the fight and bringing up the topic of increasing penalties for brawls.


Why is everybody so eager to eliminate fighting from sports? Fights are exciting and great for settling disputes.

Baseball, football, and hockey are still relatively relaxed on in-game fighting. The NBA has very severe penalties. Let’s hope the former don’t go the way of basketball.

I understand there’s a need to limit liability and no sport wants to deal with a serious injury as a result of a fight but you can only take the intensity out of sports so much before they lose their edge. Sports commissioners can still dole out big suspensions and fines do dissuade players from fighting — I just don’t want them to excommunicate players if they do get into a scuffle.

Most times, sports players really want no part of fighting; they just want to make a statement so they don’t get walked over. Occasionally fists are thrown but the vast majority of time — in sports — nothing becomes of it.

So the Dodgers and D-Backs got after it last night, so what?  All that happened was a little jostling and pushing and lots of entertainment was had by all from watching the highlights.


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