Anonymous to the Rescue in Amanda Stevenson Rape Case

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These guys may have the FBI after them all the time, but they’re doing some awesome things. Loosely organized hacking group Anonymous has helped Amanda Stevenson, 26, get justice after her horrific rape 12 years ago in Laurelville, Ohio by publishing the names and Facebook pages of the alleged rapists. Inspired by the Steubenville rape case, this chick decided to contact Anonymous to draw attention to her story — and they came through for her!

Scroll down to see our 9 pictures of Amanda Stevenson, who now lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

Back when she was only 14 years old, she was at a party at a hunting cabin when her boyfriend decided to leave early. She wanted to stay, so she asked a friend for a ride. Soon thereafter, someone gave her a spiked drink that left her unable to move or talk. She then found herself locked in a room with five teens that all had their way with her.

Even after the heroic actions by Anonymous, she worries that there will be no conviction’s because the sheriff’s department didn’t keep the evidence from her initial visit 12 years ago — but let’s hope the scumbags who did this to her will be locked up eventually.

Here are the 9 images we promised. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see them all.

Amanda Stevenson

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