Is NASCAR a Sport or Contest? Car Racing is Obviously Not a Sport

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NASCAR racing is not a sport and for that matter race car drivers are not athletes. Race car driving involves driving around a track around and around for about 3 hours.

Since a sport can be loosely defined as any activity involving competition, then technically race car driving can be a sport but as far as really being a sport, it’s not.  There’s a big difference between real sports like basketball, MMA, and football and NASCAR driving.

This fatass is the best driver in the world.

This fatass is the best driver in the world.

That difference is underscored by the lack of athletic competition.  In race car driving, the drivers are just sitting in a car and turning the wheel.  While yes, it is hot and it’s not comfortable to continuously drive at high speeds, that doesn’t make car drivers athletes.

A real athlete is physically strong and applies that strength to real athletic competition.  Have you seen race car drivers?  They’re just regular guys who aren’t fat in logo track suits.  They’re nothing like the real men and women who actually compete in sport.

So is NASCAR a sport?  Technically yes, but in the real world no.  NASCAR is a driving competition that tests driving skill but doesn’t challenge anyone’s physical skill or athleticism.


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  • Coltman361

    You my friend are an idiot.

  • Brian ALtman

    Please do some more research before writing. Not anyone can start racing and be competitive, you have to have skill and yes NASCAR drivers are in shape. Your so called best racer is debatable it could be said that Jimmie Johnson the one who has won 6 titles (5 straight) is the best not Tony Stewart. And if you look at Jimmie Johnson his training for racing also allows him to complete in triathlons and other athletic events. Tony Stewart may be a little big but you can look at any sport and find talented big guys, David Ortiz, Shaq, more than half of the NFL (Just a bunch of fat guys jumping on each other). Also, every “athlete” who has even been in a NASCAR car says that yes the drivers are athletes.

  • Marvin

    You are obviously one of the most ignorant men that this planet has witnessed. I would love to see you try and race one of these cars at a superspeedway. These drivers are probably in better shape than a majority of athletes in any other sport.
    Actually look up some information about NASCAR, you might learn something.

  • Britt #96

    So firstly, I’m actually a racing driver. I’ve done 6hr races, 12hr and 24hr races as well as shorter races. So I have the experience to tell you that you know NOTHING :) I know what its like to have to control the steering around a corner when you’re being forced sideways out of your seat with the car bouncing so violently you can barely see. I know what it’s like to have to press down the brake so hard you can’t walk after races. And i’ve cracked ribs just by driving. You have to cope with all this while being able to keep lap times within a few thousandths of a second, lap after lap as well as having to feel exactly what the car is doing constantly so you can set it up yourself to be fast. The skill needed to drive is huge! Your heart rate averages 180 bpm. You have to be so fit to control the way you turn the wheel around a corner when your head’s trying to come off and the more smooth you drive the faster you’ll be. You need to have better cardio than bicyclists! The fittest driver will usually win. Before i started gymming everyday i could barely drive more than 15 minutes before feeling faint. Look up drivers like Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna and see what they had to do to be the fastest person on track. Look at what Le Mans racers have to be able to do! And why do we do this? Because the thrill of racing in competition is so incredible and the feeling of nailing that late braking overtake while fighting the steering so you won’t drive straight off the track is the best feeling in the world. So when you can barely move the morning after doing 50kph indoor karting remember this.

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