Helen Flanagan Goes Nuts, We Celebrate

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We’re huge fans of Helen Flanagan. The British actress might not be the sharpest tool in the garage but her roundedness keeps our jaws agape. Today, a potential nipple slip has our attention — even though it’s difficult to tell whether it’s genuine or an illusion.

Check out the 7 pics below so you can judge for yourself whether Helen Flanagan was able to keep her puppies under wraps.

The shots in question come from a magazine that appropriately goes by the name Nuts. No matter what we think of the results, we have to give this mag a standing ovation for getting her to pose this close to the edge of decency.

Enough typing, here are the 7 images. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see them all. You don’t want to miss any of these!

Helen Flanagan

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  • Abdullah the secret nigger

    1st pic isn’t fake at all…seems rather legit

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