Jamie Gray Hyder of True Blood is Truly Bountiful

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On its own, True Blood is a legitimately great show. But the nude scenes on the HBO series raise its greatness factor to a whole new level. My favorite actress for such scenes is Jamie Gray Hyder. She’s just so sizzling that it makes my screen melt when we get to see all of her.

Check out the 11 pictures of Jamie Gray Hyder below, who you probably know as Danielle from the show.

If True Blood was rated PG, it might still be a watchable show. However, it wouldn’t be nearly as good. Us guys can sit through the vampire stories — but what we really want to see are the scenes that earn the show its R rating. Thank you, Danielle, for doing your part.

Here are the aforementioned 11 images. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see them all. Don’t miss the last couple!

Jamie Gray Hyder

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  • Azrael Khan

    she is fucking hot! I screenshot saved her pics from that episode!

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