Kate Upton Has Fun with Horse

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As if us guys needed another reason to be jealous of horses. Kate Upton, only the world’s most sizzling chick, recently spent some time atop a horse. Why was it notable? She wasn’t wearing anything on top. At all. And that horse knew it, too. Just look at the smug look on his face.

Scroll down to see 7 pics of Kate Upton on the giant animal. All the shots are of the uncensored variety!

That horse looks straight at the camera to taunt us. Then again, I can’t blame him. If I had that supermodel riding my back, I’d be looking for ways to immortalize it on video as well. Play on, Mr. Ed.

As for the goddess, it raises her stock. She’s obviously not afraid to get a little dirty and knows her way around big, powerful objects.

Here are the images I promised. Be sure to click “Next” to see all seven!

Kate Upton

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  • irrelevant

    just fuck you

  • john

    wow, why even put “uncensored” on the title, they don’t need to be censored, you cant see anything..

    • Drew

      It got us here, didn’t it?

  • steveooooooo

    why is there a cow on top of the horse?

  • Blacky

    They’re all “uncensored” because you can’t see anything!!!

  • vigorousatheist

    Wow uncensored! This totally wasn’t a waste of time!

  • Rev. SoulGlo

    every sh!tty photo looks the same. her hands are in the way?

  • TomTom


  • Somebody

    I wish I was that horse

  • wishunew

    I’m sorry, but she could afford to lose a few. I don’t see what all the fuss is about with her. pretty face tho.

    • Jeff

      You’re a fag. A real straight man would absolutely know what ‘all the fuss is about”.

    • Real Man

      I’m a man.

      Girl has no curves, just tits and face.

    • Johnny B Good

      you must like fat girls

    • Fen1x

      Kate Upton has a gorgeous face and great boobs, I’m not saying she isn’t a turn on, but Real Man and sorta wishunew are correct. Kate upton has no curves. No ass to speak and slightly chunky. I think a lot of her fame is because of internet hype. There are hundreds of women I and many others find more attractive.

    • even my gf

      you just hit on those fake boobed porn women. Kate upton is pure natural women. She aint skinny, that’s true. But she’s hot dude admit it ;p even my gf says she’s insanely hot

    • dude

      woman * :p

  • Troll

    You misspelled censored

  • Carlos Trinidad

    The video uncensored is a http://maexxxtro.blogspot.com

  • joseph reynolds

    lucky horse

  • big cock

    OMG She is very cute … she have very very cute boobs.. yummyyyyyy

  • Makemeasandwitch

    that horse loves whores

  • gildon

    She’s hot here’s a topless pic

  • gildon

    her it is off video

  • This guy

    these are shit…where are the uncensored ones where she doesn’t have her hand across her chest?!

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