Evil Diane Staudte Killed Husband and Son with Antifreeze

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We have a new candidate for the worst human of the year award. Diane Staudte has reportedly admitted to police that she murdered her husband and son with antifreeze. One of her daughters also landed in ICU at a local hospital after being poisoned in the same manner. The 51-year-old from Springfield, Missouri has been charged with murder along with a daughter who allegedly helped her plan it out.

Scroll down to see 7 pictures of Diane Staudte, the devil who masqueraded around as a highly religious mom.

If it all turns out to be true, this truly might be the most disturbing story of 2013. She is said to have mixed the antifreeze into soda and juice before serving it to her family members. When her supposed loved ones were at the hospital, she didn’t visit much and was seen cracking jokes with the staff. This was as cold blooded as possible.

R.I.P. to the victims.

Here are the images of this piece of garbage. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see them all.

Diane Staudte

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  • that1guy

    Fun Fact: Both of these women were extremely involved in the Lutheran church. Just like BTK. The mom was the organist.

  • indio7777

    And catholic priests are often involved in pedophilia behavior. Your point? Religion sucks but people suck more.

  • Happy Customer

    Churches are filled with sinners – some worse than others. This is horrifying. Apparently they raised one kid who could murder, as her mother has confessed to doing. The mother deserves to be executed. The daughter deserves life without parole.

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