Deanna Gines Injured: Did Chris Brown Strike Again?

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While in a nightclub in Anaheim, California, Deanna Gines tore a ligament in her knee. How did it happen? She is claiming Chris Brown pushed her down, causing the injury. She told police that the push was on purpose and violent.

Scroll down to see 6 pictures of Deanna Gines, the girl who got injured in Orange County over the weekend.

If Chris Brown is indeed responsible, I’m all for locking up this little man. He obviously doesn’t respect women and could use some time in prison to feel what it’s like to be on the other side of that. Now maybe this lady is simply setting up a lawsuit to try to extract some money — but the pop singer has lost the benefit of the doubt at this point in time.

Here are the images that were promised. Click “Next” to view all six!

Deanna Gines

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  • Shanice

    Um maybe this Stephen Kershey didn’t get the memo or see other websites, but i will give this person the benefit of the doubt but Chris Brown is innocent this female must be broke and need money. So in conclusion Deanna needs to get a life and grow up and this Stephen person who wrote this blog needs to get there facts straight. People like yall shouldnt be able to be here, cause all yall do is put people down and if Chris Brown wasn’t famous nobody would waste there time with Deanna..

  • noni

    do you know what i think? what if he was defending himself from an obsessed fan who wouldn’t leave him the fuck alone while he’s trying to have fun out in a club. she probably got angus coz he wasn’t giving her attention and threw herself at him to a point where he physically had to shove her honestly i think this bitch is full of it and chose to press charges against him to ruin him more. since he already been done for things he’s admitted to doing with u know who.and Deanna Gines knows people are going to believe her, i say she really looks like trouble to me. she looks like the type who thinks shes so sexy and beautiful that she wont have nobody say NO to her.

  • Unbelievable

    Woe another person looking to get paid and making it harder for battered women when they file a honest report, they should put her in jail for lying if there’s no truth to this. I have worked with battered women because 40 years ago I was one and I really get upset when someone lies about being battered. If Chris has learned and doesn’t batter another woman I forgive him and allow him to grow and change, but if he continues the behavior he will be considered trash to me. Someone needs to inform this young half dressed woman that crying wolf is not good because one day (God Forbid) if she is really battered no one will listen to her. Shame on her.

  • “The Original Topdawg”

    This chick looks like shes up to know good ole rachett, somebody put it in her hear to try and get money outta Chris knowing that he has a history…But he has witnesses who can vouch for him, so this chick is pretty much assed out..Hopefully she’ll be able to make something outta the 15 minutes of fame she’s be given.

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