3 Reasons Why You Should Emulate Lord Disick

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Love him or hate him, Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy, former “douchelord” Scott Disick, is just so damn attractive.  Find out the reasons below, and why perhaps you should employ some of his qualities.

He’s stylishly consistent. 

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott DisickLord Disick is a pimp.  And one of the major reasons is his wardrobe.  This man dons pink polos, cardigans draped across his shoulders with the sleeves tied in front, ascots, bold ties with double Windsor knots, boat shoes, and a Terror Squad gold chain.  He goes for pops of color and is just adventurous enough without veering way off his everyday dressed up style, and it works.  His style icons?  According to Elite Daily, Scott like, “more old school fashion icons like Cary Grant, and other men of that era. I think people cared far more about their attire during the 1960s and 1970s. Today, it seems like many individuals dress so casually that it appears that they are not concerned with their presentation.”  Fashion is what you wear, but what’s most important is how you wear it.  Scott exudes a confidence that is quite cocky, actually.  But he employs that cockiness with tact.  It’s okay to boast a little, so long as you can back it up.  He maintains his image and sticks to what works.  When fans heckle him and tell him he’s an asshole, he shrugs it off, and keeps doing what he does.  He doesn’t let the opinion of his haters faze him, and neither should you.  There’s no greater sign of weakness or lack of confidence than always giving in to others’ opinions of you.

He’s a work in progress, and he’s honest about it.

If you scroll through Scott’s timeline on Twitter, you will notice that he doesn’t sugarcoat things.  And he follows this pattern even in his interviews with the media.  Even with his troubled past and battle with binge drinking, he reflects back honestly on those days that were caught on tape by KUWTK reality show.  When interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on E! News in 2010, Disick said, “I had to take a look at where my life is going. Or where it was gonna go if I kept acting the way I was. I never ever wanted to admit that I may have a problem.”  Part of his attractiveness is that he’s also not afraid of his mistakes.  Part of making good ones is not hiding them, which he clearly does not on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  In regards to how the show has affected his personal development, he’s been quoted as saying, “It’s probably taught me how to steer into that better light.”  Life is like photography – you develop from the negatives… And watching Scott grow throughout the years makes you appreciate how far he’s come along.  And that’s sexy.

He’s a dedicated boyfriend and father. 

No matter what trials and tribulations this man goes through, at the end of the day, he is all about his family.  His true love, Kourtney, and their two children, Mason and Penelope, are his top priority, and it shows.  US Weekly and blog sites everywhere are constantly capturing the family of four together, out and about in L.A. dining out, browsing at shops, or strolling down the beach.  And regardless of the mistakes he’s made, he and Kourtney have stuck together, through thick and thin.  That kind of commitment and loyalty speaks volumes.  The fact that he is outspoken and has gone through his issues in the past sometimes overshadows his dedication to his family.  And it seems the romance isn’t dying any time soon.  In a recent interview, Kourtney said, of celebrating Scott’s 30th birthday, that they “seriously had the best time celebrating his day.”  Regardless of what kind of “bad boy” image you want to employ for yourself, make sure you take the time to invest in what’s closest to your heart, and don’t be afraid to let the world know.

 Image credit: DJDM/WENN.com

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