How to Become a Player and Get Women – The 11 Step Plan to Endless Success

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Around these parts, Johnson Jones is famous for being the most successful player this side of the Mississippi. How does he pull so many women? We wanted to know so we commissioned an 11 part essay in which he details his tried and true methods. Read his secrets to success and learn how to you too can keep your sheets popping.

Aight, so you want to live the life and slay dimes by the truckload. You’re in luck because I’ll pass the game down to you that I learned from by Uncle Chuck. That dude is in his 50s and he’s still at it as lively as ever. In every way, Unc is my hero.

Anyways, the first thing you must do is change the way you think about finding a chick. Men out there all have their specific preferences — from body types to age to height to race. But when you’re just starting out, all of that needs to go out the window. You need to build a foundation of women. At this point, don’t worry much about specifics. Down the line when you’ve mastered this sport, you can narrow in and just harvest the dimes — but to begin with you need to cast a large net.

Focus on Quantity

Focus on Quantity

If you’re hesitant, you just need to get over it. I’ve been with every type of women (especially in my early days) and there really isn’t much difference. As they say, it’s all pink in the middle. If you’re a heterosexual male, you’re programmed to be able to find beauty in just about every female. Just trust me on this.

Once you’ve adjusted your standards, your next mission is to map out where you are going to search for these chicks. A few of my favorites:

  • College campuses – Even if you’re not a student there, you’d be surprised how easy it is to just roam around and meet girls. Show up with a backpack and you’re golden.
  • Churches – Do what I do: Go online to find their schedules and hit up three or four churches each Sunday. Easy fishing.
  • Supermarkets – Instead of buying a cart full of groceries, get a handful of items from a variety of stores while keeping a lookout for prospective chicks.
  • Malls – Both indoor and outdoor malls are fertile hunting grounds.
  • Libraries – They’re free and the quietness only aids your endeavors.
  • Bars and nightclubs – The obvious hots spots shouldn’t be ignored.

A word to the wise: Don’t hunt where you sleep. In other words, don’t scour for chicks where you work, where you go to school, where your family goes to church, where you hang with your boys or anywhere else you typically travel. It may sound counterintuitive but, trust me, it just gets messy in the the long run. This world is big enough that there are plenty of places to hunt away from your normal stomping grounds.

At the end of this first step, you should have accomplished two things: 1) Mentally accept the fact that the preferences you had yesterday are obsolete and you will instead embrace the power of numbers, and 2) Mapped out where you are going to find women.

You’re now ready to continue to Step 2 to learn about the importance of confidence. Click here!

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  • Isla

    The same technique can be applied to women hunting for men.But the best choice to find men would be the laundromat. There’s nothing better than a clean guy who bathes, and has his clothes laundered.

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