Shayanna Jenkins is the Girlfriend of Aaron Hernandez

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Life isn’t very good for Shayanna Jenkins right now. She’s the 24-year-old girlfriend (reported by some as a fiancee) of Aaron Hernandez, the New England Patriots tight end who was just charged with murder. She has an 8-month-old baby with the NFL player. Additionally, her sister was the girlfriend of Odin Lloyd, the man who was killed — allegedly by the Patriots star.

Scroll down to see 11 pictures of Shayanna Jenkins, the lady who has had her life turned upside down.

It’ll be interesting to see how this murder case unfolds. Will she go against her husband in an attempt to bring justice or will she stand by her man? Will she marry him to become his wife and avoid having to testify against him? Will she side with her sister or her man?

Whatever happens, let’s hope the baby is kept as the top priority in all of this. Here are the images we promised. Click “Next” in order to see all eleven.

Shayanna Jenkins

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  • yoyo

    Damn that bitch is ugly a million dollars ill get me a top notch toot…

  • Michael Powers

    Lets see. I have a great girlfriend, an 8 month old baby, a $40 million NFL contract and I am an NFL star – hey, let me go screw it up and kill a few people. This IDIOT Hernandez deserves to be in jail.

  • Telling the truth

    Has anyone learned from Rae Carruth

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