Learn to be Confident – Step 2: How to Become a Player and Get Women

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After you have completed Step 1 of this guide, you’re ready to move on to the most challenging step. Being a player is all about confidence. More specifically, it’s about being overly confident to the point of ridiculousness.

Nothing makes a female dry up faster than sensing weakness or timidness. That truth is difficult for all guys to live with because we all have a few shy bones in our body. Nobody is confident all day, every day. We have our insecurities and moments of doubt.

But here’s the trick: Act. To become a player, you need to become an actor. Life is now a movie and you’re the star. Go out there and play the role as the most confident man on Earth.

This will take some practice. And, while it sounds corny, the best place to practice at first is in front of a mirror. Come up with a handful of pickup lines and practice your approach, delivery, eye contact, smile, posture and everything else that will help you convey confidence.

become a player

In addition to a mirror, you can videotape yourself in order to really be able to critique your moves. You’ll be surprised at how well you can prepare yourself for the real thing simply by practicing.

Once you’ve mastered this step, move on to Step 3 — coming soon!

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  • Rob

    On the contrary, women seem mystified by shy, timid guys. Sort of like the ” I wanna bring out the beast in him” type of thing. A vast majority of women are repelled by uber-confident players.

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