Understanding More About Aaron Hernandez’s Troubled Past

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    Today, Aaron Hernandez was officially charged with murder in addition to five other weapon-related counts. If convicted on all the charges, he may have very well already experienced his last day of freedom on Earth. Let’s take a moment to learn more about the tight end for the New England Patriots.

    Technically Aaron Hernandez’s race is Hispanic. His ethnicity background is as follows: his dad is of Puerto Rican decent and his mother is of Italian decent. Personally, I don’t think that is important considering his nationality is American — he was born in Bristol, Connecticut.

    When speaking of the troubles he has overcome in his life, most people go back to one major event: the death of his father. His dad died when he was just 16 years old following what was supposed to be routine hernia surgery. At the time of his death, the father and son were best of friends. From that moment on, the talented tight end has been described as a lost soul.

    He went to Florida and Urban Meyer tried to pick up some of the slack his dad left behind. He also got more support while with the Patriots. But if this murder case turns out to be legit, something obviously went terribly wrong. And, unfortunately, it probably all goes back to his father dying prematurely.

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      • clp90

        “And, unfortunately, it probably all goes back to his father dying prematurely.”

        You don’t know that. And still, a dead father (even at the age of 16) is no excuse to murder someone, especially not the way and the reason Odin Lloyd was killed.

        • Paul Lambert

          And you don’t know yet if he murdered anyone. Our system still presumes innocence.

        • clp90

          True. But if he did it, a dead father is no excuse.

        • Trinigurl98

          @Paul Lambert – my thoughts exactly. We don’t know whether he did or he didn’t murder him, but we still have a presumption of innocence under the U.S, criminal justice system.

        • Leslyhnn Wheeler

          The prosecution has the evidence!

      • Troubled Hispanic

        I understand his ethnicity doesn’t matter but when you write, “Technically Aaron Hernandez’s race is Hispanic. His ethnicity background is as follows: his dad is of Puerto Rican decent and his mother is of Italian decent.” Really!! So, he can’t be Italian? You may as well take that sentence out if it doesn’t matter. To me you sound a bit prejudice.

      • The Ridley

        @Paul Lambert True, we do not know WHO pulled the trigger….what we DO know is there is video of this suspect and the victim driving to that industrial park, and video of the suspect, without the victim driving away. What we DON’T know is who pulled th

      • llk29

        So every kid whose father dies is understandably allowed to be a cold-blooded murdering brute? How sorry I feel for this guy who just landed a $40.m contract.

      • Jonathan Hernandez

        With all that going for him he’s one stupid ass motha

      • Davis

        Would he not know how it feels for a family member to lose a loved one then??? But that does not seem the case, his fathers death has nothing to do with what he is being accused of, he is just a terrible person at heart. OR he just turned into someone who doesn’t give a heck about anything or anyone, but then why would he give his all and become one very very talented tight end in the NFL.

        All in all my hypothesis is that he was just product of his environment, combined with being a loyal but bad person at heart. That and gangsta rap made him do it.

      • Arthemisa

        Hispanic is not a race, it’s his ethnicity. Puerto Ricans can be of any race. He is of mixed race (white-indigenous) on his father’s side and white on his mother’s side.

        And because PR is part of the US, he’s American no matter where he was born.

        • aaron

          his dad is a dark Puerto Rican he has African descent and him

        • David McIntyre

          Not really bro, I seen a pic of his dad with him a football game when he was younger. Sure he’ll have black blood but probs less than 5%

      • Leslyhnn Wheeler

        HOGWASH! HE’S A COLD-BLOODED murderer, he will have fun in prison with his colleagues! He’s a arrogant asshole!

      • malcolm little

        Im puerto rican n im neva consider myslf buddy
        Buddy wit my oppressor italian/p.r. 2 hottemperd

      • Bobstr

        Aaron might be the most self-destructive man on the planet.He just signs a 40 million dollar contract with the Pats yet chooses to behave like some nothing to lose “hood rat “.He should have spent his free time hanging with “Gronk”.

      • How bob

        I am not surprised that the person he killed or has knowledge of , is of a darker complexion than him! As it is in `amurdercan` society, people have been inculcated to believe that that a black male of a dark hue ,is not valuable,,,that is of course unless they are being used for profit of another ,who is generally of a lighter skin pigmentation !!!! ( F the W )

      • Free speech

        Hernandez going to prison will be really hard for his mom . Wait till his baby mom starts dating some one else . He is didn’t appreciate what he had . He is a dumb ass .

      • Free speech

        These attorneys will take all his money . I feel sorry for his daughter .

      • Mary Dodson

        Hernandez’s naturally beautiful smile must have masked a horror-show of internal pain. Has Hernandez had psychiatric care?

      • Mary Dodson

        Tattoos often serve as a cover, a hiding place from SELF.

      • Mary Dodson

        Hernandez…seeking refuge through tattoos but finding none….

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