Kansas City, Here I Come

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I frequently forget that the Kansas City Chiefs exist. They’re one of those teams that lurch from moderate success to quiet but extraordinary failure. They haven’t generated any flashy stories this off-season and I don’t think anyone outside of greater Kansas City is paying attention to them at the moment.

But perhaps we should be, because the Chiefs are shaping up to be the biggest dark horse of the coming season. Coach Andy Reid and starting quarterback Alex Smith have used the word “rebuilding” so many times the word has started to sound funny, but the real message is that everyone is showing up to offseason training and being forced to study. They failed last season, and now they’re all going to summer school. And cheerfully, Smith says it’s a shame everyone’s going home after minicamp because of all the gains they’ve made.

Smith and Reid are both new to the team, as is the general manager John Dorsey. Their disastrous 2012 season brought them the first draft pick, which brought them Eric Fisher, a tackle so versatile he’s said he’ll fill in whatever is missing on the offensive line. Reports say tenacious rookie tight end Travis Kelce is looking surprisingly fantastic, too.

Team restructuring can crash and burn, but with so many other teams in disarray, the Chiefs have a shot. The AFC West won’t know what hit them.

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