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There’s nothing worse than being on the road with a dead smartphone or tablet and no way to charge it. That’s why you should always have an external battery charger, and you can’t go wrong with the Jackery Giant. This sleek, lightweight external battery combines a cool design with amazing functionality, giving you an extra 220 hours of operation time on a full charge.

Jackery Giant

The Jackery is the world’s most powerful external rechargeable battery with stylish design, so it fits easily in your pocket or pretty much anywhere else. It features an LED charge status indicator, a protection circuit so you won’t short out your device, and a standby time of up to six months. The Jackery is compatible with almost every device you’re likely to have, including smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, and MP3 players.

You can get the Jackery in silver or orange, and the aluminum body ensures that the vibrant color will really pop. Don’t get caught with a dead phone or tablet, because that’s just dead weight. The Jackery will give you both peace of mind and plenty of extra time on your favorite devices.

If you want something a little smaller, Jackery Bar (120 hours) or Jackery Mini (50 hours) are also good choices. Learn about all the options from JackeryUSA.com.


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