Man of Steel Not Like Original Christopher Reeve Superman Movies

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I took in the new Man of Steel movie over the weekend and I thought it was a solid 6.5 out of 10 flick. In a twist, one of the features I particularly liked about the new 2013 Superman was it didn’t follow the same script we’ve read and watched over and over. Instead, lead actor Henry Cavill and others repeatedly embrace alternative and more detailed scripts.

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Some examples of differences I can think of are:

  • General Zod is an evil character but it comes from a more reasonable viewpoint than I first thought.
  • Non, Zod’s male sidekick, isn’t in the movie.
  • Spacecrafts play a more prominent role.
  • Jonathan Kent dies in a tornado.
  • Smallville becomes aware of Clark Kent’s powers and suspects the supernatural
  • Lois Lane finds out Clark Kent’s identity right away
  • Clark doesn’t become a reporter at the Daily Planet until the end of the movie
  • Jor-El’s presence on Earth is much more “real” than his previous holographic version
  • Superman’s S symbol is a symbol for hope
  • Superman’s suit is much darker and provided by Jor-El
  • Superman isn’t as tall (Chris Reeve was 6’4, Cavill is 6’1)
  • The military is much more involved in the plot

To be sure, if you watch the Man of Steel, you’ll see many more differences between the Christopher Reeves Superman movies and the Man of Steel. I didn’t think I’d appreciate that as an original Superman movie fan but it actually made things more interesting along the way.

The Man of Steel is a must for any Superman fan. It’s not as spectacular as the first Superman’s but it distinguishes itself nicely and provides for unexpected turns and signature lines.

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