Selma Mora Sizzles on Witness Stand

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The Trayvon Martin murder trial has its surprising share of eye candy. Meet Selma Mora, a neighbor who testified recently. The native of Colombia is smoking hot and did well on the witness stand.

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She did a good job of hurting George Zimmerman’s credibility by saying he was the aggressor and didn’t exhibited signs of injury after the ordeal. If he’s sent to prison, she’ll be one of the main reasons why.

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Selma Mora

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  • Doug

    She didn’t say anything like that. All she said was that after she heard the gunshot she rushed outside and saw who she came to know as George Zimmerman standing up over Trayvon’s body, which matches other accounts and Zimmerman’s account as well.

  • Bananaville

    Native of Columbia, lived in the complex since 2006, and doesnt speak any English? This is whats wrong with this country! The Chinese are going to eat us alive unless we bring in Immigrants who add value to this country, and are willing to assimilate.

    • selmaisalesbian

      you ignorant fool…. she speaks english just fine, her spanish is way better but in order to communicate her vocabulary exactly as she says it, she needs a translator… a master of both the english and spanish language. lets see you live in another country for 12 years and see if you can master its language as well as your native tongue

    • Esteban Garita

      I did… I was conversing in English with my school friends rather quickly after moving here, 12 years is a very long time to learn a language, at that point she should be honing her skills and not having any trouble at all communicating her thoughts to others.

      I think the problem here in the United States is that we want to help new immigrants so much that we facilitate things a bit too much, to the point were they do not feel the need to advance their understanding of the English language, after all, why would they? everyone keeps handing them translated copies of everything so there really is no need to learn a new language… I once met a guy who lived here 50 years and could not order a cheese burger in English unless some one ordered it for him or the person taking the order spoke Spanish, true story, no lies.

      4 years should be enough time to learn to speak basic English, I wouldn’t expect you to be a walking talking dictionary but you shouldn’t need a translator to say you saw some one standing over some one else, or that you heard a shot or whatever.

  • Letsnot Get Political

    why is the second one so badly photoshopped? did selma do it, or did somebody else?

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