American Andrew Driscoll Pochter Dies in Egypt

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A native of Chevy Chase, Maryland named Andrew Driscoll Pochter has died in the country of Egypt. He was killed during a clash between backers and opponents of the country’s president. In total, two people were pronounced dead after the clash and more than 80 others were reportedly injured.

Scroll down to see 6 pictures of Andrew Driscoll Pochter, who was only 21 years old.

He died in Alexandria, Egypt and was a student at Kenyon College. He was in the country teaching English to elementary school kids. His family says he went to the Middle East to help bring peace to the region. Obviously, this is a tragic outcome.

Here are the images of the slain American. Click “Next” to see all six.

Andrew Driscoll Pochter

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  • harriet


  • Fernanda

    what a shame… :(

  • Craven Moorehead

    while liberals teach their kids to sing kumbaya and tolerance…..the middle east is killing everything white,jew and christian and promoting intolerance through islam.

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