The Hernandezing Meme is Taking Over the Internet

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When Aaron Hernandez got arrested, the pictures quickly spread over the internet. Soon, people started copying his arrest pose — and Hernandezing was born! Like the Tebowing meme and other memes before it, this one has spread like wildfire.

Check out the 9 funniest photos of the Hernandezing meme below!

On one hand, this isn’t a laughing matter because it’s an NFL player who is being arrested for murder. Someone getting brutally killed in cold blooded fashion isn’t funny. But, then again, even the world’s worst tragedies become the butt of jokes on the web before too long, so we might as well laugh.

Here are the 9 pics that will have you smiling for the rest of the day. Click “Next” to see them all!

Hernandezing Meme

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