Sarah Guyard Guillot Dies Performing in Cirque du Soleil

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If you’ve ever gone to Cirque du Soleil, you’ve undoubtedly been blown away. However, Sarah Guyard Guillot’s death is a reminder that the performers are literally putting their lives on the line for your entertainment. The 31-year-old died this weekend after falling during a show in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

Look below for 6 pictures of Sarah Guyard Guillot, who is originally from Paris, France.

Cirque du Soleil was performing “Ka” when this woman reportedly slipped and fell nearly 60 feet. According to friends, she was a mother of two children. We send out our sincere Rest In Peace thoughts her direction.

Here are the images — click “Next” to see all six. (Update: three more added for a total of nine.)

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  • loneluckyluke

    Je presente a la famille de Sarah, a ses enfants,mes condoleances sinceres et toute ma sympathie/

  • lourdmar

    Rest in Peace Sarah. Cirque du Soleil is the only circus that ever blew me away, and now I have a new and greater respect for all its performers/ acrobats. Horrific tragedy.

  • jean mermet

    Sarah Guyard-Guillot : et voilà encore le résultat de l’idéologie sportive américaine au cirque lunaire comme chez les fratellis !!! scandaleux ce n’est plus de l’art, c’est moche
    “une certaine qualité de force naît par contrainte et meurt par liberté” Léonardo à méditer pour Laliberté ???

  • Megan E TIjerina

    Stunning I’ve worked in concessions and is almost like behide scene. All performers do a amazing job my heart goes out for the family of Ms. Sarah Guyard Guillot and the whole KA Family as well. Look forward to Houston 2013

  • Megan E TIjerina

    Stunning pictures above

  • Roberta Retrum

    No link to the video of the accident? Lame.

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