Kellie Nightlinger Sizzles on Naked and Afraid

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In the second episode of Naked and Afraid, our eyes get to feast on the sizzling body of Kellie Nightlinger. While I loved the premiere, I think this one is going to be even better. Combine this girl’s curves with her unmatched survival skills and we’re in for an exciting ride.

Check out the 9 pictures of Kellie Nightlinger from the hit television show on the Discovery Channel.

The first couple struggled through the ordeal. I have a feeling that this lady is going to succeed wildly. And besides, even through her hardships, we’ll still be happy since she will be without clothing. Let’s be honest, that will keep us transfixed regardless.

Here are the images that were promised. Be sure to click “Next” to see all nine!

Kellie Nightlinger

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  • OfWolfandMan

    Well whoopdee do, all the good parts are blurred. I thought these pictures were gonna show us her African-style jugs.

  • Ivan

    I though these were uncensored? I can get the SAME images from TV!

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