Brittany Roberts Sees Boyfriend Timothy Cruz Go From Dr. Phil to Prison

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They say we all get our fifteen minutes of fame. Stupidly, Timothy Cruz used his time in the spotlight to possibly get his ass sent to jail. This 25-year-old appeared on the Dr. Phil show with his girlfriend Brittany Roberts in an episode dedicated to domestic violence and its effect on relationships. He admitted, on air, to choking Roberts while holding their daughter as leverage.

Cruz also confessed that he punched his girlfriend in the face hard enough to break her nose — and then forced her to sit in the tub so she wouldn’t get blood on the floor. He doesn’t shy away from the fact that he cheated on Roberts with both men and women. Roberts, who fears that Cruz will kill her, said that she would still get hitched if he could curb the rage and control himself. Sigh.

With seven counts of assault against him, we don’t think these two will get the chance to get married anytime soon, which may just save Roberts’ life. Hopefully this guy goes to prison and the inmates get some revenge for what he did to his girlfriend.

Brittany Roberts and Timothy Cruz

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  • SlG

    Inmates don’t care what a guy did/does to his girlfriend. Many of them did the same or worse

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