Aaryn Gries Looks Great, Talks Filthy

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This version of Big Brother will go down as the most racist group in history. Aaryn Gries, though she’s fine, is the ringleader of the intolerance. She’s gone after blacks, Asians and even homosexuals. Good thing she looks good or else we might have a riot on our hands.

Below you can find 9 pictures of Aaryn Gries in which she appears nude. Thank me later.

Due to all her hating, she’s been fired by her talent agency. When she eventually gets booted from Big Brother, she’ll have a suprise waiting at home. And while we can conclude she’s racist, she’ll be able to land on her feet due to her looks. Or at least her back.

Here are the pictures. Be certain you click “Next” in order to see all nine — you won’t be sorry!

Aaryn Gries

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  • HeckYeah

    Are you sure it’s not Aryan Gries? :-)


    Hey I was wondering if you could be Paula Deen’s fluffer. Casting today at the animal shelter in Chatsworth, CA the porn capital of the world.

  • guest

    bogus not one of the additional photos has any nudity

  • wondering

    Whatever happened to free speech?

  • wondering

    I guess we still have it as long as its “politically correct” free speech

  • gphillimo

    You have the freedom to say whatever you want, and your employer has the freedom to fire you for it. dumb bitch.

  • Out There

    If she’d been on Survivor or The Amazing Race, she would have been dog toast. And if she’d been on The Bachelor, let’s just say Courtney Robertson would be blushing fire engine red.

  • lotto4me

    She, Aaran, sure does THINK she’s hot, just proves you can tell a book by it’s cover. Maybe she can get a job for phorn.

  • Timmy

    It is sad to see how the young today are totally brainwashed and engage in groupthink like mindless lemmings. They are not taught to think for themselves, they merely “react” as fast as they can using all the preprogrammed “responses” they have been told are acceptable. All they need to hear is someone said something unfavorable about some special favored group and all Hell breaks loose, that person needs to be shunned from society, banished to invisible land, never to be heard from again, no employment, no place in society. But it is selective. Aaryn, a white girl, is fair game. Trayvon, who apparently attacked Zimmerman because he thought Zimmerman was a gay stalker looking to rape him, and who also called Zimmerman the n-word, gets a total pass, he is a hero to the liberals. And blacks really love to play the victim card. So Aaryn mimicked the black attitude when talking to the black contestant, all of a sudden the whole world comes to an end, the blacks on the show are totally freaked out and wonder if they should attack Aaryn, physically? They can’t come up with any other witty response to blow it off and let it go as a joke. And Aaryn even apologized to the black girl, but she did not accept the apology, typical, there is nothing that Aaryn could do at this point short of killing herself on camera after crying an apology and condemning her whole life as worthless, stating that her parents were scum for raising her that way, and on and on and on and on. Pathetic. Oh my, so she sniped that the Asian girl should go make rice, the whole world comes to an end, as if she has killed the woman’s whole family. And forget about using the Q word for the gay, that means that she deserves the death penalty for having offended the supreme high and mighty righteous holy special group, the gays.

    • LOGGER

      Your comment is somewhat disturbing. You’re basically saying that YOU don’t find her comments offensive, so no one else should. You’re not really in a position to tell someone what they should or shouldn’t feel when someone makes racist comments. Plus, you throw enough racial stereotypes into your comments to make it evident that you have issues with African Americans & Asians (plus, liberals, as well). I see why you take Aaryn’s side–it’s because you agree with her.

    • claudius

      Logger you are stupid,her comments were just comments,you must suffer from white guilt,you condone white racism,but play a blind eye for black racism.Typical white rich boy,who hates his family money,and rebel against the system

    • Ryan Long

      Its the brain washing of the left, freedom of speech and opinion should exist actually except if your employed and working like Julie Chang, she spoke her own personal opinion on the issue and that’s wrong of a neutral commentator, but nobody is going to fire a minority the Obama culture has them afraid. Martin Luther King is turning over in his grave.

    • claudius

      I agree with you Timmy,there a system out there for the last 15 years we have had to watch the moral rape of white women and be silent about it.
      I remember a time,when white men,used to stand up to white women.

  • JDG

    Free speech simply means that the government can’t throw you in jail for what you say. It doesn’t mean you can say anything you want without repercussions from anyone.

  • Common Sense

    No one even knows what racist means anymore because the term gets branded on every fucking thing. Pick up a dictionary every once in a while people.

  • Jane Imperial

    You’d better look up the meaning of nude. What a cheap way to get people to go to your site. I’ll never click on your site again, you lying bastard!!!!!!

  • Calhoun

    Am I the only one outraged by the fact that these photos aren’t really nude photos?

  • Gipper

    first of all….Nude pictures….absolute bullshit…then, I beieve that although the racist comments made by Aaron, Gina Marie…and others are unforgivable, I bet the girls will have a huge lawsuit available to them against their employers for announcing that they were fired,without first notifying them. Not defending them at all, but employers had no right to announce to the world that they were fired, before telling the ladies. I bet they are in for a big money apology.

  • http://www.icr.org ShittyScience

    “nude” You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  • big dic daddy

    ummm…does this fucking idiot know the definition of nude? That means naked you fucking moron, oh and no, your employer doesn’t have the freedom to fire you for something you say, another fucking moron, if you saying its a nice day out, can her fire you? NO, fucking cockbite idiot, now your fied for making such a stupid fucking comment, you dick sucking, Obama loving cum dumpster. wasting my time loking at her in a bathing suit.

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